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SYFY WIRE Cocaine Bear

Woman Attacked by Snake and Hawk in Nature's Weirdest Tag-Team Showdown

A Texas woman attacked by a snake and hawk might be contender for world's worst luck.

By Cassidy Ward

Every once in a while, if you’re very lucky or unlucky, something will fall right out of the sky and change your life forever. In the case of one hapless bear, that something was a proverbial mountain of cocaine, dropped by a drug smuggler flying overhead. The fictionalized exploits of that drug-addled bear are the premise of the blockbuster that is Cocaine Bear, streaming now on Peacock.

For Peggy Jones of Silsbee, Texas, her life-changing delivery from on high came in the form of a snake, followed quickly by an angry hawk.

Snake and Hawk Team Up Against Unsuspecting Woman

Jones, 64, was mowing the grass on the property she shares with her husband, Wendell, about 100 miles northeast of Houston Texas. She was focused on the ground in front of her when something unexpected fell out of the sky.

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“I was mowing on our property and out of the clear blue a snake fell onto my arm,” Jones said, in an interview with Houston-based NBC affiliate KPRC-TV. “I began to fling the snake off of my arm and he’s wrapped around my arm and held on tighter.”

Jones had her hands full with the snake, quite literally. She reported the snake striking at her face but hitting her glasses instead. Later, at the hospital, she discovered that the right eye lens of her glasses was chipped and appeared to be covered in snake venom. Fortunately, doctors found no evidence of snake bite. Unfortunately, Jones didn’t escape untarnished, because the snake wasn’t alone.

“A hawk came down, he grabbed the snake and tried to take the snake off, but I guess he didn’t’ have a good grip.” Jones said. The hawk made repeated attempts to retrieve the snake which, presumably, it had dropped onto Jones in the first place. Each failed attempt cost Jones another pound of flesh as the hawk lashed at the snake, and her by proxy, with its talons.

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“The hawk kept coming down. He came down about four times. Finally, he got the snake and took off with the snake. I looked down and I was covered in blood, my arm was pretty tore up,” Jones said.

Jones made a lot of noise during the attack, understandably, and her husband came running. He didn’t see the assailant, but carted his wife off to the nearest hospital where doctors treated her for a series of deep cuts and bruises on her arm.

You might think that this one incident accounts for a lifetime’s worth of poor luck, but you’d be mistaken. Jones had another altercation with a snake two years ago while working on another property. That time, the snake came from the ground, where it belongs.

If you want to see animals doing things they have no business doing, catch Cocaine Bear, streaming now on Peacock!