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SYFY WIRE Yellowjackets

Elijah Wood makes his 'Yellowjackets' debut in latest trailer for Season 2 of Showtime's horror hit

The Yellowjackets are back, and the mysteries are multiplying.

By Matthew Jackson
Elijah Wood in YellowJackets Season 2

In just a couple of months, Yellowjackets will return for its second season on Showtime, and now we finally have the first teaser to welcome back one of 2021's most compelling breakout TV hits. 

The teaser doesn't tell us much, but it does pick things up at a fairly logical place after the events of Season 1. In the present, Natalie (Juliette Lewis) is in the clutches of Lottie (Simone Kessell) and the group of followers she's managed to maintain in the years since the Yellowjackets soccer team was stranded in the wilderness back in the 1990s. Lottie is urging Natalie, through some version of hypnosis, to journey back in her mind to those days of harsh survival, the days when winter set in and the group eventually, horribly, had to resort to cannibalism to stay alive. We only get flashes, but it's clear we've only just begun to glimpse how bad things got out there, and the teaser hints that the girls were not alone in those woods after all. 

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Meanwhile, back in the present, we get the debut of Walter (Elijah Wood), a fellow citizen detective who teams up with Misty (Christina Ricci) to keep working to get to the bottom of what exactly is going on with the present day survivors. Again, there's not much there in terms of plot details, but thre's a whole lot of potential, including the debut of the adult version of Van (Lauren Ambrose) and perhaps some more glimpses of what happened in between the girls' rescue and the present day. 

Check out the teaser below:

Created by Ashley Lyle and Bart Nickerson, Yellowjackets debuted in 2021 to critical acclaim, and quickly built a word-of-mouth following who obsessed over every detail and unanswered question in the show, a following that's only grown in the 14 months since the show's premiere. Now, with Season 2 looming, we'll all be poring over every piece of this trailer looking for even more clues, waiting for the next mystery to present itself.

Yellowjackets returns March 24 on Showtime.

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