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SYFY WIRE Days of Marvel

You'll. Never. See. Me. Coming. 22 Days of Marvel Day 7: Iron Man Three (2013)

Ben Kingsley in Iron Man Three (2013)

We're in the Endgame now.

Starting April 5, SYFY WIRE is celebrating the release of Avengers: Endgame with a new limited-series podcast: 22 Days of Marvel. Each day leading up to the premiere of Endgame, we’ll revisit a different movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, discussing the plot, calling out the best scenes and dialogue, and, most importantly, tracking all the connections and what they mean for Endgame.

22 Days of Marvel is also the perfect way for you to get to know your friendly neighborhood SYFY WIRE staff, as the podcast will feature an ever-rotating roster of our writers, editors, on-air personalities, and maybe even our own personal go-to A.I.

And with that, welcome to Day 7! We're discussing Iron Man Three (2013). Shane Black in the director's chair brings a buddy-movie vibe to the MCU as Tony deals with post-New York PTSD and bonds with a cute lil kid. Guy Pearce brings the villainy and Ben Kingsley brings a big surprise. It's great.

Don't just be a man in a can. Listen below.

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