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Young Justice to return for 'Phantoms' storyline in S4, cast performs audio episode at DC FanDome

By Justin Carter
Young Justice Season 1

The beloved animated seires Young Justice is officially coming back for a fourth season, and now the long-awaited return has a title: Young Justice: Phantoms.

This was arguably the biggest revelation to come from series producer Brandon Vietti during the series' DC Fandome panel on Saturday. It's been awhile since the end of the third season, and the pandemic shutdown has turned out to be neither a burden or a boon for the staff. The crew has successfully and safely transitioned to working from home, but as producer Greg Weisman admits, "It's not quite as much fun to not be in the office and have everyone together."

The biggest challenge, beyond missing coworkers, has come from the voice actors. Previously, they all did voice work in the studio one at a time, but the pandemic has forced them to get creative — Danica McKellar (who plays Miss Martian) has had to record on her son's lower bunk bed. 

Beyond its cryptic title, the producers weren't keen on revealing any key details about the upcoming season. The bulk of the panel was devoted to an audio drama featuring most of the original cast, from Superboy (Nolan North) and Aquaman (Khary Payton) to Tigress (Stephanie Lemelin). The drama, dubbed "The Prize," serves as a prologue to Phantoms that features the young heroes tangling with Clayface (North) and the Suicide Squad, and even features some neat interactions where Crispin Freeman has to play against himself as both Captain Boomerang and Jim and Roy Harper. "Who thinks boomerangs are cool?" Freeman asks as Jim before switching as Boomerang to cockily reply, "Batman." 

Young Justice: Phantoms will premiere in 2021. For more DC Fandome coverage, stay tuned to SYFY WIRE. 

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