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SYFY WIRE Days of Marvel

Your Future Whatever: 12 Days of X-Men Day 7: X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014)

Hank and Logan in X-Men Days of Future Past

Welcome back to 12 Days of X-Men!

Starting Monday, May 27, we'll be revisiting a different X-Men movie each day leading up to the premiere of Dark Phoenix on Friday, June 7. We'll be discussing each film's plot and best moments as well as its place in the expanding universe of X-Men movies.

Today, we're talking about X-Men: Days of Future Past. Oof, the future scenes are dark. Damn Sentinels killing mutants all to and fro. But then Logan goes back in time and we get that amazing Quicksilver scene set to that great Jim Croce song (you know the one). Also, Peter Dinklage. Also, some dude as Richard Nixon. Also, Logan sucker-punches Hank in the face and the first time we see Charles he's drunk as a skunk.

What a delightful mutant gift pack is Days of Future Past!

Listen below.

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