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WIRE Buzz: Tessa Thompson channels Catwoman; Far From Home PS4 suits; more

By Christian Long
Tessa Thompson Drunk History

Tessa Thompson has already captivated our hearts as the MCU's freewheeling, hard-drinking Valkeryie, but tonight she channeled a real-life superhero who also played one on TV. 

On this week's episode of Drunk History, titled "Fame," featured comedian Nicole Byer talking about Eartha Kitt's activism in the late 60s, and how it was at odds with then-First Lady Claudia Alta "Lady Bird" Johnson. Thompson played Kitt in the segment, which happened to overlap with her role as Catwoman on ABC's Batman series.

Naturally, this led to a couple of quick scenes that featured Thompson dressed as Catwoman, which were hyped by Drunk History host Derek Waters ahead of time on Twitter. And just like that, a million pieces of fan-fiction were suddenly brought to life. 

In addition to Valkyrie, who became the leader of New Asgard at the end of Avengers: Endgame, Thompson starred as Agent M in Men in Black: International with fellow MCU star Chris Hemsworth, and will provide the voice of Lady in Disney's Lady and the Tramp remake. 

Obviously, there's no indication that this will lead to her portraying Catwoman in any future iteration of Batman, but it won't quiet down hopeful fans anytime soon, either.

You can catch Drunk History on the Comedy Central app, or streaming on Hulu. 

Next up, Marvel's Spider-Man is cashing in on the hype around Spider-Man: Far From Home. The title, which is exclusive to the PS4, released an update earlier today that adds the two new Spider-Man suits worn in his latest solo outing. 

As noted today in the PlayStation blog, the two new additions include the Stealth Suit he wore to sneak around Europe, as well as the red-on-black upgraded number that Peter puts together later in the film. 

The update is free, so just power up the PS4 and wait for the file to upload. As long as you've built the Advanced Suit in the game (which happens fairly early on), you should be able to switch between them at any point in the story. Back in December, the game also added the Webbed Suit, made famous by Raimi's Spider-Man trilogy in the early 2000s. 

Unfortunately, neither suit comes with any additional in-game powers, so don't expect to go gliding across Manhattan anytime soon. 

Finally, Regal Cinemas is getting in on the all-you-can-watch movie trend. As reported by Deadline, the theater chain is launching a multi-tiered subscription service, with the top option including an unlimited viewing option and a 10 percent discount on concessions. 

Nothing's been made official, but memberships are said to range from $18 to $24 per month. 

The top-tier will also allow access to any of Regal's locations nationwide, whereas lower tiers will limit theater access. That doesn't mean that any locations will be off limits, but it will involve a $2-$3 surcharge to cover the cost of tickets.  

It's a big leap up from their current offering, "The Regal Crown Club," where members earn points based on the money they spend to redeem for free tickets or concessions. 

Since the slow-collapse and quasi-resurrection of MoviePass, which started the "unlimited" movie craze, AMC has had success with its own in-house membership service, Stubs. Unlike AMC Stubs, which varies prices by state, Regal will adjust pricing based on each theater's location. That's due partially to Regal basing its program on CineWorld's Unlimited, a UK service that's been running — successfully — for well over a decade. 

There's been no official comment from Regal Cinemas, as details are still being worked out, so it's possible the specifics could change before the service launches.