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Chosen One of the Day: This twerking Thicc Thanos

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Aug 15, 2019

Two things are undeniably true about the internet: 1) if something exists, you can find a dedicated fanbase that has painstakingly made perverted sexual references about it, and 2) memes never die, they just go on to become part of advertising in some part of the world, only to be reborn again as a meme when the internet finds out and drags it for doing so. I guess therein lies the true circle of life. Anyway, I digress ... Thicc Thanos is a prime example of both.


Gif via twitter

Takesabroso, a restaurant in Mexico that either has no fear of Disney lawyers or is somehow exempt from copyright infringement, made the bold choice to lift the infamous snap scene from Avengers: Endgame to make a commercial for their establishment. That’s hardly the best part of this ad. The best part is the animated Thanos twerking his — approval? joy? euphoria? — over their delicious food. Maybe? I don’t know what’s going on because I don’t speak Spanish and quite honestly I don’t even think I need to because I was absolutely mesmerized by those pulsating plump purple quads in the bottom corner of my screen. Thanos’ thighs (which should be the name of a dish at any establishment that serves a form of fowl on the menu — if you’re gonna jack IP, go all in) are hypnotic, whether you ever thirsted after him or not. You can’t look away. They’re like a tasty trainwreck. Every time I watch this commercial (which I’ve convinced myself I’ve done 14 times for JOURNALISM) I start satiating for some arroz con pollo. I can’t explain or deny it. 


Gif via twitter

Some of you may be familiar with the expression “there’s a lid for every pot,” right? Well, Thanos’ thicc thighs twerking to literally anything is the lid for everyone’s pot, apparently. It’s the great unifier, bringing together people who have been subject to over a decade of superheroes played by actors who treat every day like a chest/shoulders/tris day. The thirst for Thicc Thanos exists because apparently squats don’t in the MCU.

P.S. I'd think twice before Google image searching "Thicc Thanos." Especially if you're on a work computer or in a public space. Don't say I didn't warn you.

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