Emerald City Comic Con March 17 2019
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Podcast: SYFY WIRE at ECCC 2019 Day 4 - Hellboy, Wonder Twins, and more

Mar 20, 2019, 5:00 PM EDT (Updated)

SYFY WIRE From the Con showcases SYFY WIRE's con coverage from across the country. And this week we're in Seattle for Emerald City Comic Con 2019!

We did a lot of stuff and talked to a lot of people on Day 4 (Sunday, March 17). Here's some of our best coverage from the ECCC Live Stage.

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ECCC Live Stage
Michael Moreci Talks Wasted Space
The creator of Wasted Space discusses his title about a failed prophet summoned to save the galaxy.

ECCC Live Stage
Mark Russell & Steven Byrne on DC's Wonder Twins
The creative team from one of DC's newest relaunched titles discusses what fans can expect from the new series.

ECCC Live Stage
Jonny Cruz on Voice Acting for Overwatch, Hitman & More
The fan-fave voice actor discusses his career in hit video games.

ECCC Live Stage
Adam Warren Talks Empowered
Creator Adam Warren stops by to discuss his long-running comic, described by the author as a "sexy superhero comedy."

ECCC Live Stage
Kyle Higgins on The Dead Hand and Winter Soldier
Comic vet Kyle Higgins (Batman, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers) discusses his next project about a Cold War threat that could affect the world.

ECCC Live Stage
Alex Maleev Talks Detective Comics #1000
One of the most celebrated artists working today talks about his work on one of DC's biggest projects, the 1000th issue of Detective Comics.

ECCC Live Stage
Tamra Bonvillain on Dark Horse's Alien 3
Dark Horse's official comic adaptation of the original sci-fi screenplay has one of the most dynamic colorists working today.

ECCC Live Stage
Chris Roberson on Hellboy
iZombie creator Chris Roberson stops by the Live Stage to discuss his work on the Hellboy comic franchise.

ECCC Live Stage
Ariela Kristantina on Mata Hari
The artist behind Dark Horse's adaptation of the legendary spy's origin stops by to chat about her work and what's coming up.

ECCC Live Stage
Vintage Star Wars Collecting
Uber-fan Gus Lopez discusses his lifetime of building one of the world's largest Star Wars collections.

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