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WATCH: American Gods' Pablo Schreiber and Ricky Whittle on Season 2, Episode 7

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Apr 23, 2019, 2:02 PM EDT (Updated)

The seventh episode of American Gods Season 2, "Treasure of the Sun," is very much a 'Mad Sweeney episode' as Neil Gaiman incorporated a lot of the Mad Sweeney backstory that didn't make it into the novel.

While Mad Sweeney himself takes front and center in this episode, "Treasure of the Sun" also features Shadow Moon and Sweeney working together ... whether they realize it or not. These two have come a long way since their bar fight in Season 1!

Watch below (or above) for insights from Pablo Schreiber and Ricky Whittle. American Gods will end its second season with Episode 8, "Moon Shadow," on Sunday, April 28.