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The Expanse: Questions For Season 2

So many questions yet to be answered. Do we really have to wait until 2017?

By Bryan Enk

And so ends the first season of The Expanse. And, boy howdy, what a cliffhanger!

Here are some questions we're looking forward to being answered in The Expanse Season 2.

  1. Just What in the Heck is the Protomolecule?

    Sometimes it can take on a human shape, like this.


    And sometimes it can do this.


    And it did this to Julie Mao.


    It's gotta pay. But first ... what the heck is it?
  2. What's Going to Happen with Errinwright and Avasarala?

    Errinwright seems to be in an unholy alliance with Jules-Pierre Mao, which means he's in on the protomolecule, the attack on Eros, the whole shabang. How long before he realizes that Avasarala is on to him? She's already sent her husband off to Luna ... how long before she herself is no longer safe on Earth?


  3. Will Miller and Holden Be BFFs?

    After their somewhat rocky initial meet-cute, Miller and Holden bonded over shared radiation poisoning and shoot-outs with CPM thugs. Are they destined for more Butch and Sundance adventures? We hope so.


  4. Will Miller Kill Amos For Killing Sematimba?

    Miller didn't look too happy after Amos told him that he shot his old friend and colleague. And Miller's certainly got an itchy trigger finger lately. Should Amos watch his back whenever Miller's around next season?


  5. Who ... or What ... or Where ... is 'Thoth'?

    The last we see of the villainous Dresden, he's on board some stealth ship, looking at a bunch of video feeds displaying the nightmare situation on Eros. When the pilot says, "All data streams encoded and online," Dresden responds with, "Send it all to Thoth." Cryptic! Mysterious!


  6. Will Holden and Naomi Kiss?

    'cause that'd be totally hot.


The Expanse Season 2 commences in 2017. Until then, watch every episode of Season 1 whenever you like.