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Thomas Jane Joins a Special Expanse Podcast Special: Listen Now

Miller speaks! Also, his cat appears in the interview.


Have you seen The Expanse? If the answer is no, you should stop and go watch it because it is good. If the answer is yes, then we have something for you. The Churn, an Expanse podcast from our friends at Syfy Wire is a weekly deep dive into the show with the show's producers and co-creators Ty Franck and Daniel Abraham (they wrote the books the series is based on, BTW). Thomas Jane knocked the collective universe's socks off in Episode 5 of The Expanse. Despite filming the new Predator movie, Thomas kindly took some time to chat about why he wanted to do The Expanse, what makes for a good interview, his castmates and how his cat has loneliness issues. 

Listen to this special episode of The Churn below.

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