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Which Magicians Character Would YOU Be in a Bank Heist?

Which Magicians character are you? Take this awesome quiz and find out!


Who doesn't love a bank heist?  With the power of magic literally at their fingertips, "Margo's Seven" (including a spooky niffin Alice) make some pretty good bank robbers!  Well...maybe they're just alright.  But they couldn't have had a more exciting reunion, coming together for the first time in at least 4 episodes!  Everyone has their important role to play, of course.  And now you have the chance to find out what role you would play in a magical heist.  

How to Watch

Catch up on The Magicians on the SYFY app.

Are you the leader? The go-to man?  Take the quiz here, find out now and share your results!  

Catch up and watch this epsiode of The Magicians as well as previous episodes right here

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