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Universal Monsters Channel and More Coming to Freevee as New NBCU Free TV Package

NBCUniversal announced 30 new free channels coming this summer.

By Matthew Jackson

For cord cutters and streamers who still want some of that traditional TV experience of channel surfing and finding something fun to watch, free ad-supposed streaming TV (FAST) is a wonderful, often surprisingly robust alternative. Now, NBCUniversal is preparing to give you much more of this particular way to watch, complete with channels specifically for genre nerds.

On Thursday, NBCU announced a new partnership with Xumo Play and Amazon Freevee to bring more than two dozen new channels packed with NBCU vault material to the Freevee platform this summer. The channels range in subject matter from unscripted TV to news and sports to classic shows of all genres pulled from NBCU's vast archive of programming, and they'll be available to watch completely free, any time. 

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“NBCUniversal is in the enviable position of owning a vast array of iconic shows that are not part of our broadcast and cable networks to curate a valuable portfolio of FAST channels,” Matt Schnaars, President, NBCUniversal Content Distribution, said in a press release. “These channels, with content from some of the most recognizable brands in television, will find an immediate audience in the growing FAST ecosystem, and create value for NBCUniversal, our distribution partners, and our advertisers.” 

NBCU vault material heading to the Freevee platform

So, what kind of programming are we talking about? Well, if you're a genre fan, you'll want to pull up Freevee and look for the new Alfred Hitchcock Presents channel for episodes of the classic anthology from the suspense legend, as well as the Universal Monsters channel for all things Dracula, Frankenstein, The Wolf Man, and more. Then there's the Universal Action channel for classic shows like Knight Rider, the Universal Crime channel for Columbo and beyond, a whole channel for Murder, She Wrote, and much more. 

You can check out the full list of new channels over on NBCU's website

So, how do you watch these new offerings? Well, all you need to access Freevee is an Amazon login (no Prime subscription required) and you can watch through the Freevee app or on your web browser. So, if you're looking to check these channels out, make sure you've got Freevee access and keep an eye out for the content to drop this summer.

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