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5 Head-Scratching Moments From Z Nation Season 4 Episode 12

Behold! The moments from Season 4 Episode 12 that you may have overlooked, but are weird AF.


Z Nation is filled with WTF. From Zombabies to Z Weed, to Zombie Balls, this show has flipped the script on the whole zombie genre. But for every time that the Liberty Bell was weaponized, for every "Cheese Wheel of Death", there's been an equally head-scratching moment that was overlooked. These are the moments that stand the test of time for pure irreverent weirdness, and this blog is an ode to those moments. Behold! The moments from Season 4 Episode 12 that you may have overlooked, but are weird AF.

  1. This week's episode of Z Nation gave us the acronym we never knew we needed: FGOTUS—First Gentleman of the United States.  Now just print that on a hat and pair it with some killer heels for a completely innapropriate outfit to wear for a disaster relief photo op!


  2. This lady just can't get a grip!


  3. Bloody Bloody Richard Nixon—Looks like Warren is harboring some animosity over the the 37th President of the U.S.  


  4. Meet Johnson & Johnson.  Two of the last people to remain alive, you'd assume they were tough and cunning.  But they're just a couple of...johnsons.  


  5. A spoonful of eyeball helps the food come right back up.


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