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Recap: Chucky becomes a weapon for the series' most brutal kill yet in Ep. 7, 'Twice the Grieving, Double the Loss'

Chucky has a new Wheeler in his sights.

By Caitlin Busch
Chucky 107 PRESS

At Bree Wheeler's (Lexa Doig) funeral, the remaining Wheelers are falling apart; Logan's (Devon Sawa) behaving more and more like his dead brother Luke (also Devon Sawa) every day, and Junior's (Teo Briones) practically comatose with grief. Jake (Zackary Arthur), meanwhile, is distracted by all things Chucky — and Devon Evans (Bjorgvin Arnarson), who's mourning the loss of his own mother, Detective Evans (Rachelle Casseus), in the previous episode. Lexy Cross (Alyvia Alyn Lind) is there to support her (ex) boyfriend Junior and Devon, as well, but her parents have her on a strict lockdown after having been around to witness the detective's death.

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Devon's learned that his mother was at the Wheeler household that night because someone (Chucky) had called her to say Devon was in trouble. Chucky wanted Devon's mom to die in front of him, just like he did Jake's dad and Junior's mom.

Why's he doing this? Lexy's likely spot-on with her answer: "Because he's a dick."

Because of the threat to their families, Lexy and Devon want to take a step back and move from an offensive to a defensive strategy. Currently on the offensive, though, is Junior, who's blaming his cousin Jake for these deaths, which seem to follow him everywhere as of late. He punches Jake in front of everyone, and just as things are coming to a boil, that's when Tiffany Valentine (in the body of Jennifer Tilly, as played by Jennifer Tilly) shows up. She approaches Logan and kisses him, much to the surprise of everyone, including Logan.

Having successfully sowed more chaos, she giggles and drives away.

Cut back to 1988, young Charles Lee Ray (as played by Fiona Dourif) and Tiff move into their first home, where they order pizza and kill the delivery boy. Also on the move in present day are Andy (Alex Vincent) and Kyle (Christine Elise), who've been driving cross-country on their way to Hackensack. At a rest stop, Andy leaves Kyle behind in an attempt to protect her from what comes next. Understandably, she's not super enthusiastic about his decision.

There's a chance one of our young heroes won't be there when Andy arrives, though. Devon, now an orphan, is packing up for when he's inevitably placed in a foster home. Jake begins bargaining with him, trying to figure out where he could stay, but Devon, who admits how scared he is about Chucky, thinks it might be best if he left of his own volition. Jake admits that he's considered running away before, but his love for Devon kept him around — he couldn't imagine not seeing him every day, even before they were together. However, Devon delivers a blow: It hurts for him to look at Jake because all he can see is his dead mother when he does.

The grief train continues with Logan, who's looking even more like his brother while clutching a drink and staring into the fireplace when Junior walks in and questions him about the woman from earlier who kissed him. Logan says he doesn't know — maybe she was Bree's friend — and leaves the house. This leaves Junior alone, and he wanders up to his room only to find his new best friend Chucky waiting there for him.

Seems Chucky's traded in for a newer, angrier Wheeler.

Chucky 107 PRESS

Mayor Cross (Barbara Alyn Woods), on the heels of so many tragedies, addresses the press and informs them they have a suspect (Annie Briggs' Ms. Fairchild) in custody. She also takes the opportunity to hock her charity auction, which will continue as planned with a Frankenstein theme for what she calls "a fun-filled afternoon of G-rated horror for the whole family." Things get a little non-G-rated when Caroline tells a reporter that Chucky told her to kill her mother.

Not the most family-friendly thing to hear from a child.

Everyone else is puzzled and a little alarmed, but Lexy knows what's up. She asks Caroline to tell her everything Chucky has said, and little Caroline reveals that Chucky told her to kill her whole family.

Speaking of Chucky encouraging violence, he's now got Junior in his sights. Logan returns home, drunk as a skunk, and Chucky urges Junior to take him out. Junior's furious about his father allowing another woman to kiss him at Bree's wake, and Chucky is "shocked" and promises Junior he'll be there for him, pushing Junior closer to the edge.

Jake Chases Down a New Chucky Lead

Meanwhile, Chucky's original mark, Jake, packs a bag, takes his uncle's money from where he's passed out on the couch, and leaves for the bus station. Junior watches from the shadows, knife in hand. It's at this moment that Devon makes a decision; his mother's dead, his relationship with Jake is on the rocks, and he's got nothing left to lose. He heads to Charles Lee Ray's old house, TASER in hand, and breaks in through a window to the basement.

Jump to the '80s, and we see that Tiff ain't too happy about Chucky starting to kill without her. She's her own woman, which we get a further taste of when she shows up to the Wheeler house in modern day, only to be confronted by Junior. He questions her about her relationship with his dad, and she chooses that moment to stir the pot even more, implying she's had an affair with Logan.

Chucky 107 PRESS

At the bus station, Jake comes across a delivery man with a boxed Good Guy doll that seems innocent (for now), but the presence of yet another potential Chucky vessel is enough to send him back to the suburbs. Devon, on the other hand, gets tied up by Chucky pretending to be Nica after untying him from the chair Tiff left him in. (Confused yet?) Luckily, Jake and Lexy are able to work together once reunited to track Devon's phone and find out where he is, much to their horror. They head his way.

Not so lucky? Logan Wheeler. He's the next parent to die by Chucky's interference this season, only this time he managed to get one of the kids to do it for him. Using Chucky as a weapon, Junior beats his father to a bloody pulp — to the tune of "We Got the Beat" by The Go-Go's — and leaves him for dead in the upstairs closet.

Hopefully, Devon won't suffer a similar fate next week after being confronted with a literal army of Good Guy dolls in Charles Lee Ray's old basement. What will become of our young heroes? Find out next week in the season finale of SYFY & USA's Chucky.

Junior Turns Chucky into a (Literal) Weapon