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Final Fantasy XIV heads to the PS5 and the Moon with Endwalker expansion

By Justin Carter
Endwalker Final Fantasy

Cue that iconic victory music, Warriors of Light, because Final Fantasy XIV is finally coming to the PlayStation 5!

During Square Enix's live stream of the upcoming expansion, Endwalker, the publisher released a trailer that promised the MMO can run at 4K resolution and with improved load times on Sony's new system. An open beta for the game will be available for PS5 on Apr. 13. As is the case with so many other games, if you have a registered license for the PS4 version of the game, you can upgrade immediately to the PS5 version when it officially releases, at no extra cost. All you need to do now is just find a PS5 to play it on. 

This announcement understandably overshadowed a meaty event where famed director/producer Naoki Yoshida revealed the sixth expansion, Endwalker. The new adventure will take Warriors of Light on a fight against the darkness that will see them eventually make their way to travel to the Moon. 

In addition to the Moon adventures, Endwalker will also give players a pair of new jobs. Sage, a new healer, was the only one shown at the event. As Yoshida said, there won't be any kind of class requirement to become a Sage, you just need to have at least one of your characters at level 70. The second melee DPS-based job wasn't shown, though Yoshida hinted at it being a necromancer...because he said the words "necromancer" a handful of times. You can see a glimpse of what the Sage is capable of in the video below. 

Endwalker will also reach something of a conclusion when it releases. Yoshida took time to emphasize the "Final" in the game's title, as this is meant to represent the end of the decade-long saga of FF XIV's good vs evil story represented by Hydaelyn and Zodiark, respectively. If it sounds like the hit MMO is coming to an end after this, don't fret, as Yoshida even joked that he would only leave Final Fantasy XIV if Square's president asked him to stop, or if he died. The game will continue, but following the eventual 6.1 update, Endwalker's story won't. Instead, a brand new adventure separate from the Hydaelyn vs Zodiark story line will begin. 

Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker will release for the PS4 and PC this fall, with a digital fan festival in May that'll reveal more. If you own a PS4 and find yourself curious, there's a free trial that covers up to level 60 and the first expansion, Heavensward.