John Dunsworth

John Dunsworth was born in Bridgewater, Nova Scotia and over time has become one of the Atlantic Provinces most venerable and revered actors, appearing in countless CBC radio dramas, and starring in over 25 Neptune Theatre productions. Dunsworth is also responsible for founding Pier One Theatre— Halifax's first and arguably its most successful alternative theatre company— as well as Filmworks Casting Agency, where he worked as Halifax's most renowned casting director.

When Dunsworth first met director Mike Clattenburg in the mid-1990s he auditioned for a small role in Clattenburg's short, One Last Shot. Yet halfway through shooting, Dunsworth's small role blossomed into a leading part - a part that garnered him a Best Performance award from the Atlantic Film Festival. From there, he developed that role into the popular character "Jim Lahey", the trailer park supervisor on the cult hit series Trailer Park Boys.

Dunsworth's film credits include roles in the Thom Fitzgerald film Cloudburst starring alongside Olympia Dukakis and Brenda Fricker. Dunsworth has also starred in Trudeau, Jesse Stone: Stone Cold, Sleep Murder, Blessings, Shattered City: The Halifax Explosion and Three Needles, among countless others.