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Where Are the Stars of SYFY’s Haven Now?

What the hit supernatural series' cast has been up to since their stay in the Stephen King lore-verse.

By Benjamin Bullard
Haven Season 5

Through five twisting, turning seasons, SYFY’s Haven took viewers on a guided weekly tour through the kind of small, seemingly quiet New England coastal haunts that only an auteur like Stephen King could dream up. Loosely based on King’s 2005 mystery novel The Colorado Kid and set in the deceptively sleepy fictional fishing town of Haven, Maine, the series followed the rabbit-hole detective exploits of officer Audrey Parker (Emily Rose), an FBI agent who feels a mysterious pull toward the place after dropping in quickly to solve an open-and-shut federal case.

Plagued by an age-old supernatural affliction known as “The Troubles” by wary locals, Haven’s homicidal body count stacked far higher than you’d expect to find in your typical low-key hamlet. But thanks to that King-esque lean toward powers that exceed human understanding, Audrey and her stoic police partner, Nathan (Lucas Bryant), often ended up solving murder mysteries that lacked an actual criminal culprit — even as they racked up an ominously building body of knowledge about the sinister source of the town’s true troubles.

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Like most great long-running sci-fi shows, Haven spun an initially-simple web of supernatural mystery and intrigue that grew into something far more complex, gigantic, and deep, steadily layering on fresh revelations while doubling back on past events and characters that eventually unveiled a genuinely epic (and creepy) larger lore-verse. It took a large and capable cast to pull off that kind of feat, which of course has us wondering what the show’s most memorable stars have been up to since Haven’s five-season run concluded in 2015.

Ready to catch up with the cast? Then let’s set sail!

What the Cast of Haven Is Doing Today

Emily Rose

A split featuring Emily Rose as Audrey Parker in Haven and Emily Rose

The upbeat, resourceful, and funny soul of the show, Emily Rose played FBI agent-turned small-town cop Audrey Parker as a fish-out-of-water outsider who slowly comes to realize that her historically troublesome ties to the town actually go back decades… or, perhaps, even longer. Rose came to Haven fresh off a multi-episode 2009 arc on NBC’s prime-time smash ER (where she played Dr. Tracy Martin), after earlier major small-screen turns that include HBO’s John From Cincinnati, CBS’ Jericho, and ABC’s Brothers and Sisters. Rose’s post-Haven credits include a number of guest appearances on series like NCIS, Criminal Minds, and Gotham Knights, a recurring stint on USA’s Graceland, as well as a forthcoming role opposite Sean Astin in soon-to-release sci-fi movie The Shift. But PlayStation fans perhaps best know Rose for her long-running motion capture and voice work as action-thirsty journalist Elena Fisher, the sometime love interest and female alter-ego of protagonist Nathan Drake in Naughty Dog’s blockbuster Uncharted video game series.

Lucas Bryant

A split featuring Lucas Bryant as Nathan Wournos in Haven Season 1 and Lucas Bryant in 2016.

As Audrey’s brooding, Troubles-afflicted police partner with a supernatural inability to feel physical sensations, Lucas Bryant gave viewers a local insider’s point of view through all five seasons of Haven in the role of Nathan Wuornos, the town’s go-to investigator. Bryant’s best-known pre-Haven role came opposite Denise Richards (as well as fellow Haven star Eric Balfour) on the 2005 UPN soap series Sex, Love & Secrets, and he also appeared — concurrently with his Haven gig — opposite Channing Tatum in the 2012 film drama The Vow. Since Haven, Bryant’s shown up in a number of places across the TV dial — most notably in a steady string of made-for-TV Hallmark films, as well as in a trio of episodes of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., where he played S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Keller (who had a brief romantic dalliance with Inhuman speedster Yo-Yo). In keeping with Haven’s close cast synergy, Bryant also showed up in the 2019 comedy 7 Days to Vegas, which Haven costar Balfour directed.

Eric Balfour

A split featuring Eric Balfour as Duke Crocker in Haven Season 5 and Eric Balfour in 2022.

Already familiar to TV fans thanks to major pre-Haven roles on 24, Six Feet Under, and MTV’s bite-sized vampire series Valemont, Eric Balfour lazed along Haven’s Maine coastline as restaurateur and smuggler Duke Crocker, the show’s resident good-natured bad boy. Though Duke’s early role on the show set him at odds with Nathan, his longtime local law enforcement frenemy, he eventually discovered his own supernatural connection with the town’s storied Troubles and became one of the gang’s most reliable allies. Since his time on Haven, Balfour has been spotted in a number of small-screen projects, including Netflix’s Country Comfort, The CW’s series reboot of Charmed, The Godfather making-of drama miniseries The Offer at Paramount+, and — we've gotta mention it! — a hilariously epic 2013 comedy meltdown on The Eric Andre Show.

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Adam Copeland

A split featuring Adam Copeland as Dwight Hendrickson in Haven and Adam Copeland in 2016.

As Haven settled into its multi-season groove, the show brought on a slew of interesting actors (including even William Shatner!), more than a few of whom hailed from the professional wrestling arena. Adam Copeland, the WWE titan better to known to present-day fans simply as Edge, was among the latter gang, showing up in Haven’s second season as a longtime resident with deep past ties to recently-deceased police chief Garland. In addition to his well-known 2020 pro wrestling un-retirement and subsequent WWE intrigue (he’s currently repping the SmackDown brand), Edge has continued to pin down outside-the-ring roles in TV, film, and video games, including a recurring part in historical drama Vikings, a Season 2 show-up as Atom Smasher in The Flash, god of war Ares in the upcoming Percy Jackson and the Olympians at Disney+, and, on the big screen, anti-hero Jack Reese in the 2020 action comedy Money Plane.

Nicholas Campbell

A split featuring Nicholas Campbell as Chief Wournos in Haven Season 1 and Nicholas Campbell in 2012.

As Haven’s cantankerous police chief (and father to Nathan) Garland Wuornos, Nicholas Campbell played a seasoned, seen-it-all veteran of the town’s troubled past who met an untimely demise late in Season 1. An accomplished actor with a screen career dating to the 1970s, Campbell already was familiar to movie fans long before Haven came along, thanks to roles in David Cronenberg’s Naked Lunch (1991), Prozac Nation (2001), and small-screen turns in Highlander: The Series (as Kit O’Brady) and Canadian series Da Vinci’s Inquest. Campbell has remained active through the present day in both TV and film, appearing a steady stream of mostly Canadian movies (as well as in Brandon Cronenberg’s quirky 2012 sci-fi horror film Antiviral), alongside appearances in Prime Video’s Tin Star (opposite Tim Roth), the “Arkangel” episode of Black Mirror’s 4th season, and the ongoing Canadian cop drama Coroner.

Kate Kelton

A split featuring Kate Kelton as Jennifer Mason in Haven Season 4 and Kate Kelton in 2018.

Forever enshrined in comedy fans’ minds as weed-smoking Princeton University coed Chrissy in 2004’s Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle, Kate Kelton showed up in later seasons of Haven as mysterious waitress Jordan McKee. As a member of the The Guard — an enigmatic local group tied to the town’s long supernatural affliction with The Troubles — Jordan ended up serving as a baggage-toting love interest for Nathan before meeting an unceremonious demise near the end of Season 4. Kelton’s screen career — which also included a 2002 turn in American Psycho 2, as well as a long-running advertising stint as the fresh commercial face for Tic Tac — tapered off precipitously after Haven, though she’s since carved out serious notoriety as an internationally-exhibited artist.

John Dunsworth

A split featuring John Dunsworth as Dave Teagues in Haven Season 3 and John Dunsworth in 2011.

As one half of the town’s offbeat pair of longtime local newspaper reporters, John Dunsworth played humorously mild-mannered scribe Dave Teagues — usually sharing screen time with his equally amusing journaling partner (and adoptive brother) Vince, played by Richard Donat. Dunsworth passed away in 2017, leaving behind a lengthy and fascinating career punctuated by a failed 1980s political bid in Nova Scotia (which he ingeniously turned into a documentary), as well as his notoriously funny recurring turn as Jim Lahey, the deliciously demented supervisor-villain who endlessly harangued the gang in the Trailer Park Boys comedy franchise and its spinoffs.

Richard Donat

A split featuring Richard Donat as Vince Teagues in Haven Season 4 and Richard Donat in 2013.

The taller, shaggier reporter repping local rag the Haven Herald as part of the town’s omnipresent newspaper-sleuthing duo, versatile Canadian actor Richard Donat played Vince Teagues largely for some occasional comic relief — until, that is, things took an interestingly darker turn for his character later on in the series. Donat’s screen career, which dates to the 1970s, has largely remained centered on Canadian TV projects, though he’s also turned up in a pair of horror-tastic Hemlock Grove episodes, as well as in smaller roles in the Trailer Park Boys comedy franchise. Donat’s distinctive voice also has supplied the steady narration for a handful of episodes of the critically-acclaimed PBS science docu-series Nova.