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10 video games that inspired uncontrollable rage


Have you ever gotten so mad at a video game that you threw your controller or caused some kind of property damage? It's a very human response, and it happens to the best of us. But there are some games that are so freakin' frustrating that mere anger doesn't fully describe it.

No, these games are the ones that inspire "the Burning Rage of a Thousand Suns."

SYFY WIRE recently invited its staff, hosts, and contributing writers to share their experiences with some of these rage-inducing games. For Whitney Shin, that game is Animal Crossing, a seemingly innocuous title that nearly cost her a friendship when an NPC character moved into her player-controlled town. Shin also proudly carries around a recording of a Call of Duty player losing his [bleep] after a match with her. In that case, she caused the rage!

For Matt Romano, it was Superman for the Nintendo 64. The idea of an open-world Superman game based on Superman: The Animated Series had a lot of appeal. However, the execution of the title was so inept that it didn't even come close to delivering a satisfying experience. As told by Romano, the game's incredibly tedious and difficult first level took hours to beat. And when Romano finally got past it, he was in for another rude awakening.

The first Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game for the NES was a game that was infamously hard to beat even when it was released. As Brian Silliman explains, there's one particular underwater level that seems impossible to get by. Considering that the Turtles are amphibians, shouldn't they be better swimmers?

For the rest of our staff picks, check out the entire video!