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SYFY WIRE marvel comics

19 comics to look out for this February

By Matthew Jackson
February comics X-Men FF

Every month, SYFY WIRE lets you know which new comics to watch out for from both the Big Two superhero houses and creator-owned projects, so you'll always be ready to update your pull list. This February we've got everything from a new crossover event to the next phase of Star Wars to horror comics and ambitious high-concept ongoing series. 

Over at Marvel, get ready to see the X-Men and Fantastic Four clash over the fate of Franklin Richards, plus an intriguing new Conan miniseriesDarth Vader enters another volume, and more. At DC things are just as exciting thanks to a new Harley Quinn and the Birds of Prey story, the second season of The Green Lantern, and the next horror comic from Joe Hill's Hill House imprint. 

If you're looking for something outside of the Big Two, we've got plenty to talk about there as well. Whether you're looking for sci-fi adventures like the new Image series Tartarus, a new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles miniseres, or Aggretsuko's first comic, there's a lot to choose from. Take a look at some of the most exciting new comics of the month below, and start updating your pull list.

February comics X-Men FF

X-Men/Fantastic Four #1

Clashes between superhero teams are nothing new in the Marvel Universe, but each new clash brings with it a different context, and the setup behind X-Men/Fantastic Four is a particulary intriguing one. We all know that Charles Xavier has successfully organized all of mutantkind into a nation-state on Krakoa, but what happens when Franklin Richards, the mutant child of Reed Richards and Sue Storm, is asked to join that movement? We're about to find out, courtesy of writer Chip Zdarsky and artist Terry Dodson. The four-issue miniseries begins February 5. 

February comics Harley and BoP

Harley Quinn and the Birds of Prey #1

Harley Quinn and her friends the Birds of Prey are about to get their own movie, which means this new DC Black Label adventure arrived just in time. Harley Quinn and the Birds of Prey features the superstar creative team of Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner returning to Harley stories for this tale of what happens when Harley decides to go back to Gotham, only to find The Joker has turned every villain in the city against her. The first issue drops February 12.

February comics Tartarus

Tartarus #1

If you're looking to get on board a new sci-fi story this month, Tartarus just might be for you. Described as Breaking Bad meets the Mos Eisley cantina, the series is a sci-fi adventure about a young woman framed for crimes she didn't commit, whose only salvation might be to journey into darkness after all. From writer Johnnie Christmas and artist Jack Cole, Tartarus #1 arrives February 12. 

February comics TMNT Jennika

TMNT: Jennika #1

Last year, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles universe got a thrilling new addition in the form of Jennika, the fifth turtle, who transformed after getting a transfusion from Leonardo. Now, thanks to writer/artist Brahm Revel, we'll get to follow Jennika on her first-ever solo adventure. The three-issue miniseres begins February 26. 

February comics Bang

BANG! #1

Matt Kindt is one of those writers who manages to melt the minds of readers time and time again, and Bang! is the latest chance to get in on Kindt's unique storytelling style. Teaming up with artist Wilfredo Torres, Kindt is setting out to weave a complex tapestry involving several seemingly disparate characters and a science fiction writer whose books might just hold the key to the whole mystery. The next Matt Kindt mindbender begins February 19. 

February comics Conan

Conan: Battle for the Serpent Crown #1

That Marvel Comics recently started telling Conan the Barbarian stories again was exciting enough, but now that Conan has been introduced to the modern Marvel Universe, the possiblities seem endless. It's that sense of limitless storytelling potential that's on display in this five-issue miniseries from writer Saladin Ahmed and artist Luke Ross. Why is it so exciting? Four words: Conan goes to Vegas. Issue #1 drops February 5. 

February comics Alienated

Alienated #1

If you think you've seen the "kids stumble across an alien" in all its permutations, think again. Alienated, the new series from writer Simon Spurrier and artist Chris Wildgoose, promises to put a new spin on the tale of what happens when a group of young people discover an entity from another world. This time, we're talking about a trio of teenagers, each with their own desires and troubles, and the predator-in-the-making they discovery just as it's coming into the world. What happens next? We'll find out when the story kicks off February 12. 

February comics Adler

Adler #1

We've seen a lot of new takes on Sherlock Holmes in the 21st century, and they've all managed to deliver their own takes on Irene Adler. Now, we get another new twist on the beloved character, and this time she's bringing some friends. Adler, from writer Lavie Tidhar and artist Paul McCaffrey, promises to show us what happens when Irene forms her own league of "extraordinary gentlewomen" to take down Moriarty. We'll see who joins her team when the first issue drops February 5. 

February comics Falcon Winter Soldier

Falcon & Winter Soldier #1

Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes might form an unlikely team at first glance, but that's exactly why so many of love to watch them. This fall the pair will get their own Disney+ series, but before that happens we can dig into this new miniseries from writer Derek Landy and artist Federico Vincentini. Hydra is back, Bucky's life in danger, and it's up to two ex-Captain Americas to save the world. Issue #1 drops February 26.

February comics Pennyworth

Batman: Pennyworth R.I.P. #1

Writer Tom King ended his massive, ambitious Batman run by, among other things, killing off Batman's beloved butler, Alfred Pennyworth. Now, writers James Tynion IV and Peter Tomasi are teaming with a team of artists to contemplate the life of one of DC Comics' greatest supporting characters, while also addressing what's next. This special one-shot drops February 12.

February comics Tomorrow

Tomorrow #1

It's a good month for ambitious new sci-fi stories, and Tomorrow is definitely a reason to get excited. Writer Peter Milligan and artist Jesus Hervas team up to tell the story of a musical prodigy separated from his sister in a world that's been decimated by a computer virus that managed to infect adult humans. In this reorganization civlization led by teenagers, will the past repeat itself? Issue #1 drops February 26. 

February comics Army of Darkness

Death to the Army of Darkness #1

It's been a long time since the Army of Darkness movie, but thanks to the wonderful world of comics we're still getting to see visions of what Ash Williams' life looked like in its aftermath. In this new story from writer Ryan Parrott and artist Jacob Edgar, we see what happens when Ash has to deal with two problems: Deadites who won't leave him alone, and a spell that splinters his personality. The first issue arrives February 19. 

February comics Nebula

Nebula #1

Nebula has been an important part of the cosmic side of the Marvel Universe for a long time, but she's always seemed to be at least a little overshadowed by the characters around her. Now, with a few hit movies under her belt, she's ready to step into a spotlight in a big new way in this miniseries from writer Vita Ayala and artist Claire Roe. Find out what happens when Nebula sets out to reshape her future when the first issue arrives February 12.

February comics Plunge

Plunge #1

Joe Hill's horror imprint at DC, Hill House Comics, has already produced some very exciting new stories. Now, Hill and artist Stuart Immonen are teaming up for another one. Plunge looks to combine notes of Lovecraft, John Carpenter, and more for a terrifying journey involving a ship that's been missing for decades, a marine biologist on a hunt for answers, and specters haunting the Arctic Circle. Plunge begins February 19. 

February comics Aggretsuko

Aggretsuko #1

It's been almost two years since Aggretsuko launched a run on Netflix and became one of the internet's most meme-able characters. Now, everyone's favorite death metal-loving red panda is coming to comics for the first time in this new series from writer Daniel Barnes and artist D.J. Kirkland. The first issue arrives February 5. 

February comics Finger Guns

Finger Guns #1

Sometimes the high concept at the heart of a story is a great hook because you can immediately see the kind of narrative patterns that will emerge. Then there are those stories with hooks so strange and wonderful that you just have to find out how they'll work. Finger Guns, from writer Justin Richards and artist Val Halvorson, promises to tell the story of two teens who can "manipulate emotions by firing Finger Guns." We just have to see how that works when the first issue arrives February 26. 

February comics Doctor Tomorrow

Doctor Tomorrow #1

This month, yet another reinvention of a classic Valiant Comics superhero begins when Bart Simms becomes Doctor Tomorrow. Written by Alejandro Arbona with art by Jim Towe, Valiant's latest new spin on an old favorite begins February 19. 

February comics Green Lantern

The Green Lantern Season Two #1

Ever since the launch of The Green Lantern, writer Grant Morrison and artist Liam Sharp have been boldly reinventing a part of the DC Universe that's already seen plenty of reinvention in its time. Now, after the Blackstar incursion, Hal Jordan and company are about to meet the next generation of Guardians of the Universe. We'll see how this next universe-altering chapter unfolds when The Green Lantern Season Two begins on February 12. 

February comics Vader

Star Wars: Darth Vader #1

Since Marvel Comics began telling new Star Wars stories in 2015 we've seen two new volumes of Darth Vader comics, each of which added new layers to the Dark Lord and his adventures. Now, as the comics head into the post-Empire Strikes Back era, writer Greg Pak and artist Raffaele Ienco will take us into the next chapter of the Vader saga, as the man who was once Anakin Skywalker grapples with his son's refusal to join him. Issue #1 February 5.