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Make it a Sci-Fi Christmas! 5 Great Sci-Fi Episodes to Watch For the Holidays

Time to cozy up to your favorite viewing device and enjoy the best sci-fi series that have holiday-themed episodes.

By Tara Bennett

As the holiday season blankets us with nostalgia, it's a great time to tap into what used to be a feature of most television series: the Christmas themed episode. Back when shows had 22-episode seasons, there was almost always an episode that at least lightly touched on the holidays. Now, with short seasons and serialized stories, it's more rare for series to tackle this most wonderful time of the year. 

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Which is why we here at SYFY WIRE decided to dive into the Peacock library of sci-fi and horror series to pluck out some of our very favorite examples of television's episodic odes to the season. From Chucky to Grimm, you might be surprised which series actually created entire episodes around this festive time of year, and what they put their characters through to celebrate it!

5 Best Christmas Themed Sci-Fi/Horror Episodes on Peacock

Chucky, "Chucky Actually"

For the horror lovers who prefer some naughty with their nice this season, there's no better trickster than Chucky! If you've got a high kill count on your wish list, then there's nothing better than this bonkers holiday episode, the Season 2 finale, "Chucky Actually." Written by Alex Delyle, Mallory Westfall, and series creator, Don Mancini, this episode lets Chucky run amuck with Tiffany in Lexy's house and close out the season on a high note of destruction. Not for the faint of heart, but a gift to all Chucky fans. 

Grimm, "The Grimm Who Stole Christmas"

If you're a fan of the holidays, Grimm is a great source of fun episodes because the series revolves around the idea that almost all of the weirdest stories we believe, including holidays, are rooted in some sort of fairy tale or folklore mythology, with real creatures embodying those stories. The show has holiday-centric episodes about Krampus, as well as this banger about some goblin-like Wesen who invade a home that Nick and his buddies have to cleanse from the house. Turns out us humans are the Grinches to the demons just trying to have fun. A clever twist of a tale for those who like darker stories for the season. 

Farscape "Terra Firma" 

Did you forget Farscape actually has a Christmas-esque episode? The Season 4 episode "Terra Firma" has Crichton (Ben Browder) and the crew of the Moya on Earth 2003. There in Florida, they meet John's dad, Jack (Kent McCord), and some Christmas decorations come out. Definitely a classic to be rewatched this time of year, or a reason to finally binge the show from top to bottom!

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Quantum Leap, "A Little Miracle"

Quantum Leap

This classic Quantum Leap episode from Season 3 gifts us a December 24, 1962 leap where Sam (Scott Bakula) becomes valet Reginald Pearson. He works for a real-world Scrooge in the form of rich jerk, Michael Blake (Charles Rocket). Sam has to save a Salvation Army headquarters that Blake wants to tear down to build a new high rise. Tasked with turning Blake's attitude, Sam and Al (Dean Stockwell) hatch "A Christmas Carol" inspired plan to coerce the wealthy misanthrope to change his ways. 

Midnight, Texas, "Drown the Sadness in Chardonnay"

A very witchy episode of the series, Olivia (Arielle Kebbel) and Lem (Peter Mensah) end up trapped in a Christmas nightmare. Based around two of the most mysterious and secretive characters on Midnight, Texas, this Season 2 episode not only sheds some light on Olivia and Lem's powers and back stories, but it also uses the emotional time of the season to give more heft to the story. 

Watch all of these episode along with a library full of more holiday treats, this month on Peacock.