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'Chucky': A frosty Christmas descends upon Hackensack with world's quietest chainsaw in S2 finale

Chucky slides down the chimney with care for milk, cookies, and slaughter.

By Josh Weiss
Chucky Season 2 Episode 8

Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Chris—OH MY GOD! HE JUST CUT A WOMAN IN HALF! OH, THE HUMANITY! *vomits* OK...OK...Merry Christmas...

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Well, we wouldn't expect anything less from good ol' Charles Lee Ray. Season 2 of Chucky on SYFY and USA Network went out with a holly jolly bang as the killer doll returned to Hackensack for a night of milk, cookies, and, most important of them all, slaughter.


The finale picks up mere moments after Andy (Alex Vincent) shoots Chucky Prime (Brad Dourif) to death at Incarnate Lord in Episode 7, which forces Dr. Mixter (Rosemary Dunsmore) to flee for her life. As our heroes watch the now-jawless doll bleed to death, Kyle (Christine Elise) wonders if the killer's life has begun to flash before his eyes.

The answer is yes (sort of): We flash back to Chucky's earliest therapy session with a young Mixter in the '60s. Turns out she's been encouraging his homicidal tendencies for decades and even convinced him to kill Junior and Devon's mothers in an effort to corrupt the youth of Hackensack. But here's the thing: These glimpses are not from Chucky's life.

While the group was dealing with the whole Sister Catherine (Andrea Carter) hostage situation in the chapel, the crafty Charles Lee Ray swapped places with Mixter, leaving her to die in his doll body. He drives to the therapist's office and opens a hidden safe containing yet another Good Guy doll. He vacates Mixter's body and plots to kill those meddling kids once and for all via the world's quietest chainsaw.

With Incarnate Lord permanently shuttered after recent events, Jake (Zackary Arthur), and Devon (Björgvin Arnarson) have been sentenced to community service and, in Lexy's case, drug addiction meetings. The trio begins to settle back into regular life as a snowy Christmas descends upon their hometown. With their parents now deceased, Jake and Devon crash at Lexy's place, where the former mayor, Michelle Cross (Barbara Alyn Woods), attempts to win back public support via social media.

Jake and Devon's relationship is once again on the rocks. Devon just wants to spend time with his boyfriend, but Jake insists on going out and buying him a podcasting kit, despite the fact that Devon gave up the hobby a year ago.

The pair later make up — and make out — under some mistletoe with Jake admitting that he didn't feel like he was good enough for a guy like Devon. After all, he let Chucky manipulate him twice. But the emotional wounds are mended as Lexy wonders if they'll end up like Andy and Kyle, jobless drifters who jump in terror at the mere sight of a child's play-thing.

After being shot by Nica Pierce (Fiona Dourif) in last week's episode, Glen (Lachlan Watson) remains in critical condition and won't survive more than a few days in their current comatose state. Wanting to save their beloved twin, Glenda (also played by Watson) and the on-the-lam Tiffany (Jennifer Tilly) hatch a plan to transfer Glen's soul into the Glen/Glenda doll first introduced in Seed of Chucky.

They sneak into the hospital room and Glen fulfills their destiny by murdering the police officer guarding the room with some defibrillator paddles, his water-soaked head bursting into flames. The plan is a success and both Glen and Glenda return to one single doll form (Billy Boyd returns as the voice). The now-conjoined siblings assume the name "GG" and decide to hop across the pond for a trip to England.

During a semi-frosty Christmas Eve dinner, Lexy and her mother share a sweet emotional connection as they own up to their past mistakes and forgive one another. Lexy can't keep blaming her mother for life's problems and Michelle must realize that her daughter has really started to come of age. Unfortunately, this reconciliation doesn't last long once Chucky slides down the chimney with care and slices the ex-mayor in half with the aforementioned chainsaw. It's probably the gnarliest kill of the season. You know what they say: Save the best for last! An enraged Lexy gets the drop on Chucky and kills the doll, realizing that murder brings on quite the adrenaline rush. 

At the same time, Tiffany sneaks into the house with the hope of getting her hands on the Belle doll given to Caroline (Carina London Battrick) by Dr. Mixter at the start of the season. She tip-toes into the little girl's room, only to find that Jake and Devon are lying in wait. They stab the phony actress several times, but Jake refuses to go all the way and insists they call the police.

Before they can get in touch with the cops, a totally deranged Caroline allows herself to be taken hostage, asserting that Tiffany is her real mother. She and Ms. Valentine take their leave and the authorities are summoned to the Cross residence. Biology teacher Miss Fairchild (Annie M. Briggs) shows up to take custody of the three orphans and, thankfully, believes that Chucky is behind everything. Don't forget: It was she who was framed for Chucky's misdeeds last season.

Tiffany and Caroline make their way to a hotel in Times Square, where the former changes her hairdo. Nica — who is staying in a room just across the way — rings up Tiffany to apologize for accidentally shooting Glenda last week. Nica's desire for revenge, however, still stands and she promises to give Ms. Valentine a slow and painful death. A totally desperate Tiffany attempts to transfer her soul into the Belle doll, only to find that it's already a knife-wielding Chucky!

The finale closes out with a fireside Chucky recapping all of the season's most notable kills to the tune of "The Twelve Days of Christmas." He wishes the audience a happy holiday and reminds us: "Friends don't let friends drive drunk." Pretty wholesome advice from a murderer, but hey — we'll take it where we can get it.

The complete first season of Chucky is now streaming on Peacock. If you'd like to watch some of the new season for free, click here for our guide on how to watch three episodes at no cost.