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9 of Dwight Schrute's Nerdiest Sci-Fi Moments from The Office

Dwight Schrute's geekiness on The Office involves everything from beets to Battlestar Galactica.

By Tara Bennett

Dwight Kurt Schrute III: poster boy for nerds everywhere. A black belt not only in karate, but self-seriousness. There's no doubt he'd wipe the floor with anyone in a trivia contest about Battlestar Galactica, or beet varieties. With all nine seasons of The Office available on Peacock, we figured it was time to give the Scranton branch's assistant to the regional manager his due. We humbly offer our favorite array of Schrute — played by Rainn Wilson — going full nerd.

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The Batman!

In the Season 3 episode "Business School," a tiny little bat enters the Dunder-Mifflin office and chaos breaks out. The one cool head is Dwight, who goes into hunter mode to embark on his singular battle with the "rabid" intruder. Of course the office "Joker" would take it upon himself to take down the bat.

The Invisible Man Ruse

In the Season 7 two-part finale titled "Search Committee," Dwight goes full bandage wraps a la The Invisible Man to interview for the Regional Manager position. Taking on the name of Mr. Jacques Souvenier, Dwight doesn't get very far with the ruse. But we give him points for impeccable dressing and commitment to the Universal Monster's legacy. 

Dwight Schrute: Werewolf Hunter

In Season 3's "Business School," Dwight casually drops that he's all-in with supernatural creatures. And that he's actually hunted werewolves. What? Ok, as it turns out, it was his neighbor's dog. 


The Earth Day superhero Dwight created to appear annually on the eco-centric holiday, Recyclops first appeared in Season 6's "Shareholder Meeting," where he dispensed green tips to his colleagues. Eventually, the character went dark and became a humanity hater with an intimidating costume to go along with the personality switch. Makes you wonder how many hours in the barn it took for Dwight to solder and duct tape this monstrosity together?

Zombie Killing Strategy

Out of anyone in the Dunder-Mifflin office, there's no doubt that Dwight has spent the most hours strategizing, in light of a zombie apocalypse, the best way to either escape the office or hunker down to survive the undead apocalypse. In many an episode, he alludes to his personal approach to zombie defense, and most notably in Season 5's "Moroccan Christmas." 

The Scranton Matrix 

Would Dwight have a Neo complex? Believe it or not, that question is actually answered in a never-used cold open from Season 9 that pits Dwight up against Morpheus' brother, Dorpheus (security guard Hank), in a very elaborate The Matrix-inspired prank set up by Jim. 

Second Life Schrute

A Schrute hobby that was a surprise to absolutely no one is his obsession with Second Life. In Season 4's "Local Ad," Jim finds out about Dwight's avatar and account, which was also named Dwight. Of course, Jim makes his own account and proceeds to torture cyber Dwight in every possible way. 

Sith Lord Schrute

Halloween is a big deal at Dunder-Mifflin, Scranton, and Dwight takes his villains seriously, if not his makeup. In Season 2's "Halloween," Dwight sweeps into the office wearing a full black robe, cowl... and his everyday glasses. Forgive us for assuming he was the Grim Reaper, or like Phyllis, a monk, instead of Emperor Palpatine. A true Darksider in his heart.


And for another Halloween, Dwight goes full Sleepy Hollow by shoving a carved pumpkin on his head and terrorizing his co-workers. That's true dedication to the holiday, the gag and probably some kind of ultra natural hair conditioning via pumpkin goo, as seen in Season 9's "Here Comes Treble."

You can catch Rainn Wilson in the entire original series run of The Office on Peacock, and check out his new series The Geography of Bliss.

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