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A familiar face returns to Fear the Walking Dead

By Alyse Wax

In This Episode ...

Tonight's episode had some fun stuff (Humbug's Gulch), mixed in with some cloyingly sincere "coming to terms" scenes.


While trying to plot out the zombie barricades, the group splits up. John and June end up in Humbug's Gulch, a ghost town amusement park franchise that John used to work at. These scenes are fun and shot like a spaghetti western. There are tumbleweeds that roll down an empty street, sandstorms, gunfights in front of the brothel, even western-themed music stings. The pair investigate, get some guns from one of the stunt shows, and head out. Outside, they are shot at by a lone man. June knocks him out and they take him inside. It's Dwight from The Walking Dead.

His wife, Sherry, has left notes for him, directing him to wherever she moves. Her last note led him to Humbug's Gulch, and he shot at John and June because they were in the car that Sherry was last in (the note was written on the car's registration). When John and June convince him they will help him find her, he leaves with them. But when the zombies converge, Dwight sacrifices himself in an attempt to find another note from Sherry in John's car. He finds none, and gives up, ready to sacrifice himself so John and June can get away. June talks him down, convinces him that he is worth saving, that John found her, so why couldn't Dwight find Sherry? They work together to kill all the zombies and save Dwight. John checks the VINs and discovers that their car was not the one Sherry was in.

Alicia, Lucy, and Morgan are trying to map out the zombie barricades while also finding Max, Dylan, and Annie. Alicia is determined to find them. They have no luck, but they do find June, John, and Dwight. Morgan and Dwight recognize each other, but Morgan doesn't hold his past against him. Alicia hears the kids over the radio and they tell her to go back to the truck stop. They finally find a car, tied up like a gift with zombie bowels. Inside is Dylan, crying and covered in blood.


It turns out that Max and Annie are a short distance off. They are the ones creating the horrifying zombie pinatas, and they will "make sure they never bother us again."

Bowel Blockades

This is what John calls the zombie blockades that are tied up with their own entrails. I like it!

Alicia's plight

Alicia is so desperate to find and "save" the kids, it comes across as selfish. She is so desperate to find them, to help them, that she puts herself and her friends at risk. She finally reveals to them (over the radio) that she is still trying to get over the death of her mother and brother. No kidding. I think it was supposed to be a "hallelujah" moment, but instead it is just a "duh" moment.

The San Antonio Split

While fighting the zombies, one falls on top of Dwight, knocking him out of the fight. John and June kill the others -- all except two. But they only have one bullet left. What to do? Luckily, John was a trick shooter. He instructs Dwight to hold up his ax, and John shoots at it. The bullet splits and sends equal portions into two separate zombie brains. This is only the second time he has been successful with this trick.


So now Dwight has joined Fear. Are we going to get a Walking Dead cast member every season?