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A Quiet Place Part II's Super Bowl trailer takes fans back to 'day one' with an unexpected cameo

By Jacob Oller
A Quiet Place Part II

A Quiet Place silenced naysayers with its powerful, efficient horror filmmaking and now its sequel is so big that it’s even making a hush fall over the Big Game’s crowd. Thanks to a new trailer, following up on the first, has fleshed out the continued story of the world where a single sound could mean death — and it’s packing a cameo some fans might not expect.

Yes, Emily Blunt’s matriarch and her gaggle of kids will meet up with a few new faces—played by the likes of Cillian Murphy and Djimon Honsou — on their quest for survival in a monster-riddled landscape, but the newest trailer, cut for the Super Bowl, reveals that the film has a special surprise in store for fans of the first film.

Check it out:

There he is, John Krasinski. The writer/director whom fans thought would solely be a behind-the-camera force in the sequel — after his character sacrificed himself to the monsters in the finale of the first film — will be making a return to the story. That’s because A Quiet Place Part II may pick up right where the first movie left off...but it doesn’t mean it has to stay there.

In fact, with this flashback (which the first trailer for the film showcases as well) taking fans back to “day one,” as the below featurette puts it, A Quiet Place might actually start answering some of its core mysteries. Where did these monsters come from? Why Earth? Why now?

And don’t they seem to be talking a lot more in the sequel? Even the promise of answered questions doesn’t seem to warrant so much whispered conversation. Remember the Place is supposed to be Quiet, after all.

A Quiet Place Part II starts silently resolving these issues on March 20.