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SYFY WIRE Star Wars: Resistance

A Resistance spy goes missing in this week's Star Wars: Resistance

By Swapna Krishna & Preeti Chhibber

In the newest episode of Star Wars: Resistance, "The Missing Agent," a spy for the Resistance named Norath (voiced by Joe Manganiello) goes missing and Kaz, Yeager, and Synara decide to go after him. They discover his valuable data tracking the First Order, but in the process of trying to save him they complicate their own situation — and that of the Colossus.

Warning: This recap will contain spoilers for Season 2, Episode 12 of Star Wars Resistance.

Swapna: This was a fun episode worthy of Star Wars week — and it had a cliffhanger!!

Preeti: I was wondering how they were going to fix everything in such a short time and then — boom. Cliffhanger. (It also makes sense, I was also a little mad that they’d use Daveed Diggs for such a short role! I’m glad to be wrong, haha.)

Swapna: The voice cast!! Joe Manganiello (as Ax Tagrin) and Daveed Diggs (as Norath) both guesting in the same episode!! It was amazing.

Preeti: If I had to picture Joe Manganiello as a Star Wars character, Ax Tagrin would be basically what I imagined, I think.

Swapna: For real. There wasn’t a lot to dissect in this episode because a lot of it was action, but let’s talk about the First Order. This episode was important because Kaz and Yeager are trying to help a Resistance spy who has vital tracking information on the First Order. That’s information that the Resistance can really use, especially post-The Last Jedi.


Preeti: Remind me, have we seen Poe this season yet? No, right?

Swapna: Nope!

Preeti: The Rise of Skywalker is out now, and we’ve both seen it. We’ll keep our Resistance recap spoiler-free, of course, but I’m a little sad to lose the speculation that we’ve been doing. I have an idea about how this matters for the Resistance at large, which we know at the end of The Last Jedi is nominal, at best, but I think I’ll save it for our next episodic discussion.

Swapna: Agreed, I think a lot of the fun here is in the speculation, and sometimes it’s sad to lose that even though it’s nice to have concrete information.

Preeti: What we can say is that the Order has clearly freelanced out its Resistance-operative retrievals, and Ax Tagrin is pretty terrifying!

Swapna: Yes! He might be the most brutal character we’ve seen so far on Resistance, he’s just massive and doesn’t hold back when he’s fighting Synara — or Synara, Yeager, and Kaz at the same time!

Preeti: This might be my favorite fight in the entire series — when it’s just Yeager, Synara, and Tagrin? It was like seeing Bucky and Cap fight Tony in Winter Soldier … but in Star Wars. I really loved how kick*ss Synara got to be in this episode!

Swapna: My favorite part was when Kaz suggested going back to help Synara, but Yeager knew that, realistically, she was more capable than either Kaz or he was in terms of fighting Tagrin.


Preeti: That was so affirming! You’re right that this episode was so action-heavy that it’s hard to boil down into specific plot points to discuss, but there are two things I think worth considering. I’m interested to see what other names Kaz and the crew find on Norath’s list. And also, and I think more important, is that Doza seems to have decided that he has no chance of helping Kaz, Yeager, or Synara and is leaving them to fend for themselves.

Swapna: Let’s talk about that last shot for a minute before we go back to Norath’s list. The image was of Doza watching a holo of a Star Destroyer and then telling the team that the First Order has already arrived. Does that mean the team is on their own? Is Doza going to jump to save the Colossus? It was unclear to me where it’s going to go.

Preeti: He says, “I’m afraid it’s too late.” Which could refer to either the First Order already being there or the Colossus’ chance at evacuating their team — from the outside, it feels like a "lives of the few versus the lives of the many" situation. How can the Colossus or even just the Aces go up against a Star Destroyer?

Swapna: Yep, and Yeager said again and again that Doza should leave if trouble arrived. It’s hard to know what’s going to happen.

Preeti: No one on the Colossus is more familiar with the potential of the Order as Doza, as an ex-Imperial officer, and I’ll be very curious to see if that comes into play at all in his decision making.

Swapna: Oh that’s a really good point. He knows exactly what organizations like this are capable of. And what about that list? I wonder what kind of intel it will provide.

Preeti: It may be nothing, but it also could implicate people we’ve met before, and that could be interesting. It seems less than likely, but I want it to matter!

Swapna: Agreed! I think that’s the crux of our feelings about Resistance. It’s a little show, and it’s only going to have two seasons, so I want it to matter to the larger universe.

Preeti: I’m not sure what to expect in the next episode, obviously we’ll get resolution for this specific fight, and see how this mission ends with our friends surviving, but with the Order there, I’m hoping we’ll get a tie back to a bigger plotline — whether it’s Tam or Doza’s wife, but something.

Swapna: I think we will. There’s a lot of loose threads hanging out there, and I think we’ll start to see them tied up over the back half of the season.

Preeti: Speaking of which, we’ll be taking a break from recapping next week’s episode, but will be back with a double recap in 2020!