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Adrien Brody enters the Stephen King-verse in Epix's Jerusalem's Lot miniseries

By Josh Weiss
Adrien Brody

Adrien Brody will star in a 10-episode, Epix-produced miniseries adaptation of Stephen King's 1978 short horror story, "Jerusalem's Lot," Deadline has confirmed. Peter and Jason Filardi are penning the project, which is being produced by genre maven, Donald De Line (Ready Player One, Wayward Pines).

Set during the mid-19th Century, the adaptation is set to feature Brody as Captain Charles Boone, a father who moves his three children to the family's ancestral home in Preacher’s Corners, Maine after Mrs. Boone dies at sea. Once there, Charles must confront the dark and sordid past of the Boone family, which may or may not involve black magic and cosmic beings beyond the veil of human comprehension.

In the biggest change from its source material, the miniseries gives Charles children. In the short story, he's a single man, who only has his manservant, Calvin McCann, for company.

“This series is an intense, absolutely terrifying reimagining of classic gothic horror,” Epix President Michael Wright said in a statement run by Deadline. “We can’t wait to work with the exceptional team of Donald De Line and Jason and Peter Filardi, along with our phenomenal lead actor, Adrien Brody…and of course, when it comes to horror, it doesn’t get any better or more masterful than Stephen King."

Adrien Brody Stephen King

"Jerusalem's Lot" is not to be confused with 'Salem's Lot, a 1975 horror novel also written by King. That book, which is set in the 20th Century and deals with vampires, spawned a 1979 miniseries on CBS, a 1987 feature film from director Larry Cohen, and a 2004 miniseries on TNT that was actually written by Peter Filardi. Gary Dauberman and James Wan are currently working on yet another movie version.

The title, 'Salem's Lot, refers to a fictional town in Maine that King would return to three years later for "Jerusalem's Lot," a Lovecraftian short story that takes most of its influence from Lovecraft's "Rats in the Walls" story from 1924. Much like Dracula or Frankenstein, "Jerusalem's Lot" is told via the gothic-inspired epistolary style.

It was first collected in the Night Shift collection in '78.

Epix is looking to shoot the miniseries in Halifax, Canada this coming May, with an eye toward a possible fall premiere.