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SYFY WIRE Halloween

Alan Robert hits nightmarish notes in IDW's new The Beauty of Horror: Tricks and Treats

By Jeff Spry
BOH Hero

When he's not rockin' out with his bandmates in Life of Agony as their ferocious bassist, illustrator Alan Robert is creating award-winning adult coloring books aimed toward his extreme love of the horror genre.

The latest wicked release in this spooky series from IDW Publishing arrived in bookstores and comic shops this week in the form of The Beauty of Horror: Tricks and Treats — and SYFY WIRE has a special extended peek inside, along with comments from its talented artist.


Besides blasting out killer tunes, Robert is the creative hand behind several acclaimed graphic novels, such as Wire HangersCrawl to Me, Killogy, and The Shunned One, in addition to his bestselling The Beauty of Horror series of addictive, horror-themed adult coloring books.

Here in this newest addition to the eerie line, Ghouliana takes Mischief Night to an entirely evil level with this special 64-page Halloween volume just in time for the scariest of seasons. Don't be afraid to expect more devilish tricks than sticky treats from artist Alan Robert as you carefully add vivid color to each one of these GOREgeously rendered macabre masterpieces.

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While you stuff your grinning jack-o'-lantern to the top with sugary delights, keep a watchful eye out for Ghouliana's contaminated confections before you take a final, potentially fatal bite. Remember that the horrific host has already crushed Christmas with The Beauty of Horror: Ghosts of Christmas coloring book, and now it's high time to turn All Hallow's Eve upside down with these brand-new, 7" x 7" perforated pages that allow you to adorn your haunted home with an assortment of scream-tastic creations.

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Robert cites many artistic and cultural influences in this newest Halloween-time release.

"Man, I've been into horror for as long as I can remember," he tells SYFY WIRE. "I'm also a product of all the '80s horror flicks ... which certainly didn't help the situation! My favorites back then were A Nightmare on Elm Street and Hellraiser, Evil Dead, The Thing, Chainsaw Massacre, and all the zombie Living Dead movies. Later on, I got into the more psychological horror, like The Shining and Jacob's Ladder. But the one movie that really got me into horror ... the one movie that made the biggest impact on me was The Amityville Horror.

"I think I've always had a bit of a twisted sensibility ... it's in my DNA, and I have definitely had some vivid and extremely graphic dreams in my life that have influenced my art over the years." 

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Now knock on the door and peer into our special preview of IDW's The Beauty of Horror: Tricks and Treats in the gallery below, then tell us if you'll be tempted to color within its nightmarish lines.