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Alien Day 2020: How fans, stars, and the internet celebrated

By Donnie Lederer
Alien Day

 It's April 26, and while quite a few Marvel fans are celebrating the first anniversary of the release of Avengers: Endgame, another group of fans are celebrating a yearly tradition. Taken from the moon where the crew of the Nostromo landed on their ill-fated mission, LV-426, Alien Day is here to celebrate everything xenomorph, Space Jockey, and of course, Sigourney Weaver's Ripley.

We scoured the internet to see how fans were showing their appreciation for the franchise. While things are a little more subdued this year due to COVID-19, it makes sense. Let's face it, Ripley was right about quarantine then, and she is now.

First up, mobile game fans will have a chance to play Alien: Blackout for free, as the game's Twitter account posted that you can download it today at no cost.

Next, the lovely people at Mondo have released the Alien collection. It features tiki mugs, enamel pins, soundtrack LPs, puzzles, and apparel, such as this Jonesy T-shirt.



Tom Skerritt, who played Dallas, the captain of the Nostromo, posted one of his favorite clips from the original movie.

Carrie Henn, Newt herself, found out her milk expired on the most coincidental of days.

Jenette Goldstein, Vasquez from 1986's Aliens, RT'd a fan who made a puppet of her character. Last year, we reported about the high school who performed Alien as their school play. Is a puppet version of the sequel the next logical step?

The official Alien Twitter account showed its appreciation by posting a photo of the Nostromo crew. You know, before they were all killed and used as incubators.

Fans made their presence known as well. Cosplayer Ani-Mia showed off her Ripley-inspired flight suit.

Tori Fox reminds us all that for every xenomorph ready to kill us all, there's a badass lady prepared to kick its butt.




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