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Lucasfim goes classic MTV with a Mandalorian music video spotlighting the main score

By Vanessa Armstrong
Mandalorian Kuiiil

Those who love The Mandalorian most likely know the show’s main title score by heart. The music, created by Ludwig Göransson (who also composed the score for Black Panther) is a remarkable song, one that makes the score of The Mandalorian unique while also staying true to the well-known musical themes John Williams created for the original Star Wars films.

We still have to wait until this fall for Season 2, but in the meantime, Göransson along with director Isaac Ravishankara put together a video that has the composer performing an amazing rendition of show's musical theme. 

Given these COVID times, Göransson is the only human who makes an appearance in the video (though we do get a couple of shots of Baby Yoda in the 360-degree green screen studio where the video was shot). What fans do get to see, however, are the instruments Göransson used to create the piece, including a recorder that is the granddaddy of the one we all learned to “play” in elementary school and some odd-looking synthesizers and mixers that are his own creation.

Sold? Check out the video below:

Those who want more of Göransson can hear his work in the first season of The Mandalorian, of course. But there's also a mini-docuseries on Disney+ called Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian, where one of the episodes goes into more detail on the composer’s work. If you're a fan of the show and/or Göransson, give that Disney+ extra a view or rewatch the YouTube video above. You won’t regret doing either. I have spoken.