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Amazon Prime Gaming aims to bundle Twitch Prime bonuses, more into revamped service

By Jacob Oller
Prime Gaming logo

Fans with Amazon Prime subscriptions should be seeing their gaming experiences getting a little more special in the near future. Today, Amazon launched Prime Gaming — which basically transfers all the gaming goodies, bonus content, and more from Twitch Prime over to fans’ Prime accounts — and made a Prime subscription into a multimedia experience.

According to a release, Prime Gaming automatically adds onto Prime accounts (a la Amazon Prime’s streaming service and the current Twitch Prime model, launched in 2016) while making it clearer that Twitch and Amazon are one and the same. This rebrand puts Gaming in context with Amazon’s Video and Music categories, giving the same cross-platform benefits — like exclusive skins, free games, and more — with a more Amazon-centric name.

“Prime members already get the best of TV, movies, and music, and now we’re expanding our entertainment offerings to include the best of gaming,” said Larry Plotnick, GM, Prime Gaming. “We’re giving customers new content that makes playing their favorite games on every platform even better. So no matter what kind of games you love, and no matter where you play them, they’ll be even better with Prime Gaming.”

That means nostalgic free games like Metal Slug 2, downloadable freebies in current hits like Apex Legends, and a monthly Twitch channel subscription. The free game selection rotates every month (though if claimed in previous months, those games are fans’ to keep), while the in-game content is also updated over time.

Amazon Prime subscribers (or those interested in a 30-day free trial) can go here to claim their Prime Gaming benefits.

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