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Arrowverse's Robbie Amell plugs back into sci-fi afterlife with first trailer for 'Upload' Season 2

The afterlife isn't getting any easier for Nathan (Robbie Amell) and Nora (Andy Allo) in Amazon Video's full trailer for Upload Season 2.

By Tara Bennett
Upload Season 2

A quiet afterlife is looking less and less possible for murdered Nathan (Robbie Amell) in the first full trailer for Season 2 of Amazon Video's hit comedy, Upload. Created by The Office's Greg Daniels, the series shows a near future where technology is even more ubiquitous in our lives, and our deaths. The great hereafter can now be had for the right price, as you can upload your entire life into a corporate cloud and live in an expensive tiered "afterlife" that's like a endless resort vacation fused into an in-app purchase game. 

Season 1 left audiences with a huge cliffhanger way back in 2020 as dead guy Nathan, and his afterlife handler, Nora (Andy Allo), discovered that he was murdered because of the software he was developing that would have been an industry game changer. Plus, his needy ex-girlfriend, Ingrid (Allegra Edwards), uploaded herself so they can be together forever.

In the Upload Season 2 trailer, Nathan's still stuck in his digital purgatory of Lakeview but now with no Nora, creepy digital babies and talking therapy dogs:

With Nathan and Nora's digital-crossed romantic relationship seemingly getting no bars via the trailer's love quadrangle vibes, SYFY WIRE went straight to actor Robbie Amell about the disruption in their ship. 

The actor says he and his fellow cast members have known all about Greg Daniel's direction for their characters this season going all the way back to February 2020. 

"He had myself and the cast in to meet the some of the new writers and talk about Season 2," Amell teases. Thrilled with the intended arc we'll get to see for Nathan this season, the actor says he didn't have any feedback for his boss. "With somebody like Greg Daniels, I just talk to him about things that make sense to me but always say, 'Just do what you think because you're really, really good at this. I'm excited to be working with you and your genius'," he laughs. 

Upload Season 2 drops with seven brand-new episodes on Amazon Prime Video on March 11. 

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