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Robbie Amell confirms the 'Code 8' sequel has been shot and it's a 'big movie'

Robbie Amell confirms the sequel film has been shot and will premiere as a Netflix Original movie.

By Tara Bennett
Code 8

While 2021 was a fits and starts kind of year for Hollywood productions with the COVID pandemic still impacting film and television, actor and producer Robbie Amell (Arrow, The X-Files) was able to get two projects shot that will see the light of day in 2022. Amazon Original's comedy Upload returns for a second season with seven episodes on March 11, and the sequel to Code 8 is now in post-production for an exclusive Netflix release. 

Code 8 has a fascinating origin story as a short film that then bloomed into a crowd-funded theatrical length project directed by Jeff Chan and co-written by Chan and Chris Paré. It was produced by and co-stars Robbie and his cousin, Stephen Amell (Arrow, Heels). Netflix picked up the original sci-fi about super-powered humans who are forced to register with the government and are then used like slaves for their abilities on municipal projects. Code 8 earned great viewing numbers and a sequel for the streamer was greenlit. 

Amell confirms to SYFY WIRE that they shot the Code 8 sequel in Toronto, Canada from October to December 2021. "It's a full Netflix Original," he details. "They gave us like double the budget than first one. It's a big movie. We had a blast. My cousin's back, myself. It was awesome."

Last June, Deadline reported that Code 8: Part II's story would focus on a teenage girl seeking justice for her brother who was killed by the corrupt police. A target for knowing too much, Connor (Robbie) and Garrett (Stephen) Kelton take the girls under their protection as they work on how to reveal the machinations of the corrupt police sergeant. No other casting has been announced but the sequel script was written by Chan, Paré, Sherren Lee, and Jesse LaVercombe.

The Amell cousins are once again producing this installment, and Robbie enthuses, "I'm super, super, super proud of it. The script was amazing. We had a great time. I think people are gonna really love it."

No specific release date has been announced by Netflix, but depending on the sequel's receptions, Amell alluded to Movieweb that another sequel could be on the table.