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Amunet’s break-up tears up Star City, Iris goes beyond the looking glass in latest Flash

By Trent Moore
Flash Amunet Black

The CW’s super-shows are known to occasionally lean into holiday-themed episodes, and with Valentine’s Day just around the corner, The Flash is telling a love story. Or, more accurately a murderous break-up story?

Spoilers ahead for “Love is a Battlefield,” the latest episode of The CW’s Flash, which aired Tuesday, February 11, 2020. 

Katee Sackhoff’s Amunet Black makes her first appearance in the post-Crisis world this week, stealing high-tech hardware all in a scheme to make off with a rare flower that can allow you to read people’s minds (yes, you read that correctly). Her first heist takes place in the middle of Barry and Iris’ dinner, so they’re on the case from the jump. 

Though that seems simple enough, Amunet’s plan is blown up when her ex-boyfriend Goldface shows up and is trying to pull off the same heist, showing up every step of the way. Turns out this is more than just a turf war between rival gangs, as the two are playing out their messy break-up with gang-wide skirmishes. It hilariously comes to a head where, in the middle of a heated standoff over a piece of stolen tech, the two start bickering over who should get custody of their record collection.

With Amunet and Goldface on the verge of killing one another, Iris busts open the mind-reading flower on top of them, and you guessed it, they really do still love each other. Cue some awkward canoodling, and the King and Queen of Star City crime are reunited once more.

Flash Barry and Iris

This being a Valentine’s Day episode, it wouldn’t be complete without the starring couple — Barry and Iris — getting some angst to work through. That comes in the form of Iris newfound recklessness, as she goes undercover in a villain bar and takes off on her own with a plan to join Amunet’s crew to keep her close. She blames this on her post-Crisis anxiety, as she spent the past few months working up the courage and mental strength to start a life in a world without the Flash (thankfully, Barry came through the Crisis unscathed). Joe gets a good heart to heart with Barry along the way, opening up about how marriage is a journey and the goal is to grow together, not grow apart. 

Just when it seems like Barry and Iris have made up, though, comes the big twist — Iris is still trapped in a mirror, and that’s someone else wandering around in her life at Barry’s side. Last week’s episode ended with a cliffhanger of Iris being snatched into a mirror by what looks to be a new Mirror Master. This week picked up with her confused and free, but seemingly no worse for the wear. But that was apparently not our Iris. Because she’s still behind the mirror, banging on the glass helplessly to try and warn Barry.

Even Allegra gets a little love story on the fringes, trying to reconnect with an old boyfriend with the help of Frost. Though he presumably has a new love in his life, Allegra does manage to once again become friends with her old flame.

Though it never gets any payoff this week, this episode also left us with the fun hanging thread that Amunet is well aware of Barry’s alter ego — and openly threatens to expose him as The Flash a few times. That doesn’t happen, but it’s not a great thing to have a big bad out there in the wild holding onto that kind of information.

We also get a bit of follow-up on Nash’s weird obsession with Allegra, and as Frost points out, it certainly seems paternal. No answer to that question yet, but it certainly looks like Allegra’s doppelganger may have been Nash’s daughter. Nash also has a bizarre encounter where he briefly sees another Wells (was that Harry?), though he vanishes in the blink of an eye. Is it simply guilt over his role in Crisis, or are there still some versions of Wells out there kicking around?

Next week: We finally get to meet Ralph’s future love Sue Dearbon, and Iris tries to escape from the Mirror world.