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Apex Legends announces Season 10 with the dazzling Seer in new launch trailer

By Justin Carter
apex legends seer

Earlier today at the EA Play event, Respawn formally announced the newest hero to grace Apex Legends alongside the upcoming 10th season, "Emergence." The stylish Igbo Legend Obi Edolasim, dubbed Seer, was a "cursed" when he was born due to a prophecy involving his mother and a moth who wanted to be reborn as her child. (You can learn about that here.)

His abilities come from his gold chest piece, which manifest microdrones as a spectral moth in reference to his birth. 

Seer was officially announced earlier in the week with the stylish "Metamorphosis" animated short that builds up the potential destruction he could cause in the larger Apex world. "One glance will reduce a mountain to dust," the narrator gravely intones, "a king to a beggar, and an ocean to a desert." (If the narration weren't quite subtle enough, the short begins with his mother giving birth right as an asteroid strikes a nearby moon.) With a sick hat and a moth motif in his clothing, it's no wonder the internet took to Seer immediately once they got a look at his official character art.

Probably didn't hurt that the short's director was Robert Valley, an animator whose work you've previously seen in episodes of Tron: Uprising and Love, Death, & Robots

The cinematic trailer for Season 10 plays up Seer's mysterious nature as he narrates about the nature of change. Where other character reveals in the past have been comical and bombastic, his is very subdued, even as he pulls off agile move after move throughout the battlefield. Gameplay wise, he's similar to Bloodhound: he can track players and using his Ultimate, microdrones coming from his chestplate will reveal players' footsteps should they run instead of walk. 

Apex Legends: Emergence will hit PlayStation, Xbox, PC, and Switch on Aug. 3. A full gameplay reveal for the season will occur on Monday, July 26.