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Artists Alley: Noelle Stevenson sketches She-Ra characters and talks Season 2


"For the honor of Grayskull!"

Last year, Netflix introduced She-Ra to a new generation of fans with the first season of She-Ra and the Princesses of Power. Comic book writer and artist Noelle Stevenson is one of the key figures behind the She-Ra reboot, as the creator, showrunner, and executive producer. While Stevenson's contributions to the series are primarily as a writer, she still relishes the chance to demonstrate her artistic skills as well. In the newest installment of SYFY WIRE's Artists Alley series, Stevenson drew "the best friend squad," Adora, Glimmer, and Bow. Along the way, Stevenson even dropped a few hints about the upcoming second season.

"I am very excited for the next season," said Stevenson. "I think we set up a lot of things in the first season. So much about the show is the characters just becoming who they are, and who they think they're going to be. It's Adora figuring out how to be a hero, it's Catra becoming more of a villain. Also power structures change in the first season. Shadow Weaver is overthrown and the Princess Alliance comes together. We're going to expand on that. And we’re going to see the characters in more situations."

"We're going to push them to their limits, in some ways," added Stevenson. "[We will] figure out what makes them who they are and what makes them the hero or the villain...Characters [are] coming, some cool new mythology coming, it's going to be fun."

For more info about She-Ra and the Princesses of Power, check out the video below.