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Artists Alley: Onsta draws D.Va from Overwatch


In just under three years, Overwatch has become a true cultural phenomenon. The game also proved to be a major inspiration for Onsta, the latest subject of our Artists Alley series. Onsta decided to share her rendition of D.Va, one of the many heroines within Overwatch. Along the way, she revealed her first exposure to the game, and why she was so enthusiastic to see its impact on the industry.

“I actually drew a bunch of Overwatch art around the time that the game came out,” recalled Onsta. “Because I was so excited that there were so many colorful characters of all different races, and sizes, and ages. I thought that was so cool. ... A lot of games don’t have that kind of diversity, especially right off of the bat.”

Onsta was so into the game that she began drawing its characters for her own enjoyment. Her art eventually caught the attention of Blizzard, which led the company to hire her for an Overwatch illustration to promote the Winter Wonderland event.

“When [new skins] debuted, I would jump on the chance to draw these characters,” noted Onsta. “I guess from that, Blizzard took note and they asked me to do some promotional work for them, which was super cool.”

Additionally, Onsta told us how difficult it can be to draw a mech like D.Va's. However, she is very much a fan of D.Va’s design outside of her mech.

“Her plugsuit is actually pretty cool and not as complicated they get, but also D.Va has a super cute design, so I am always happy to draw her,” said Onsta.

For more from Onsta, including her artistic techniques, check out the entire video. Then leave a comment for us below!