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SYFY WIRE Resident Alien

Dark Horse Sets Resident Alien Volume 8: The Book of Life Collection for 2025 (Exclusive)

If you'd prefer to read the story as it's released, Issue #1 goes on sale Wednesday, June 26.

By Josh Weiss
The cover of Resident Alien: Book of Life

While the next chapter in Dark Horse's acclaimed Resident Alien saga doesn't officially launch until the end of June, the publisher is already planning ahead. SYFY WIRE can exclusively announce that all four issues of Resident Alien Volume 8: The Book of Life will be collected in a single, 96-page paperback publication.

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Priced at $19.99, it is currently scheduled to arrive in bookstores on January 28, 2025 before hitting comic shops the following day. Those who prefer to read the story as it's released can, of course, get their hands on Issue #1 Wednesday, June 26. Written by Peter Hogan and illustrated by Steve Parkhouse, Volume 8 finds Harry and Asta preparing for the impending birth of an interspecies baby.

"It contains more aliens, and more Men in Black," Hogan told us over email. "The changes referred to will affect not only Harry’s personal life, but also far beyond — because the result of Harry’s presence on Earth has changed the status of our entire planet, which has huge repercussions for its future."

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Dark Horse Announces Resident Alien Volume 8 Collection for January 2025

Here is the official synopsis for Resident Alien Volume 8: The Book of Life:

"As his status quo takes another major shift, alien-in-hiding Harry Vanderspeigle unknowingly exposes himself to the Feds again! His old pursuers are far from his mind, however, as he and his new family move into a new home. In the latest mesmerizing Resident Alien story arc from writer Peter Hogan and artist Steve Parkhouse, Harry hasn’t seen the last of his human pursuers — or his own people!" 

A split featuring the cover of Resident Alien: The Book of Life and Harry Vanderspeigle in Resident Alien Episode 303.

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Want to catch up on the story so far? All three seasons of Resident Alien — which hold an aggregate and near-perfect score of 97% on Rotten Tomatoes  are now streaming on Peacock right here!

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