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SYFY WIRE Avengers: Endgame

Avengers: Endgame deleted scenes reveal Gamora's exit and Thor's prosthetic tummy

By Jacob Oller
Zoe Saldana as Gamora in Infinity War

Avengers: Endgame, Marvel’s newly minted king of the all-time box office, is getting ready to make even more money now that it’s begun rolling out for home release. Now available on digital formats, the capper to the MCU’s first major arc has unleashed a bevy of deleted scenes for perhaps the only audience that would watch a 181-minute feature film and say, “Thanks, got any more?” And don’t worry, they do. Many of the deleted scenes are only a few relevant seconds, with a line or two clipped to streamline things, but a few scenes involve more meat than the rest. One reveals what happened to Gamora, while others give peeks into the filmmaking process.

The former takes place during a cut scene taking place right after the death of Tony Stark. Iron Man has used the Infinity Stones, saved the day, and now the Avengers collectively take a knee to honor his sacrifice. A sad, respectful scene clipped for perhaps being too closely linked to some other knee-taking in the news, this scene also shows off what happens to Gamora — who in the released cut of the film seems to simply disappear.

Take a look:

It’s not a long scene, but it definitely shows Gamora getting out of Dodge during the otherwise emotional moment. Sneaking away to safety (and a bright future in the GotG franchise), Gamora seems to have struck out on her own. But that’s not all the fun that the Guardians of the Galaxy had. There were also a few fun clips involving Rocket, whether it be the not-quite-complete CGI raccoon yelling at Thor or Sean Gunn providing a motion reference for the Guardian of the Galaxy:

AVENGERS: ENDGAME "Tony Shaves Rocket" Deleted Scene [HD] Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans

We would’ve loved to see Robert Downey Jr. shave the top of Gunn’s head, but we get it. Probably unnecessary with CGI and all that. What needed more than just a motion reference and a heaping helping of VFX was the major change done to the God of Thunder. Chris Hemsworth needed to wear a lot of additional costuming for his transition to an overweight superhero, with a prosthetic torso, cheek fillers, and a massive beard. So Fat Thor, of course, got his own behind-the-scenes making-of video:

As the actor explains that wearing the suit was the hottest he’s ever been, we almost want to take a knee honoring his sacrifice in order to bring us one of the funniest (yet most poignant) superhero portrayals ever.

Avengers: Endgame has been digitalitally released as of today, with a physical release to follow on Aug. 13.