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Baby Yoda to all-out steampunk, here are the coolest sci-fi face masks you can buy

By Benjamin Bullard
Masks combo pic

Why brave breathing through a boring baby blue mask when you can sport spiffier face gear that shows off your geek cred? With the wealth of cool sci-fi and on-brand face masks out there, you can keep yourself safe while giving a shoutout to your favorite movies and shows. Plus, some of these sellers are even putting the proceeds from their products toward a good cause — so you can look good and feel good while you’re out and about.

Whether your tastes veer more mainstream with Disney, Star Wars, Marvel, and Mario; or edge a little more toward the steampunky or the dystopian (because who doesn’t want to look like they just walked off the set of Blade Runner?), check out our curated collection of the coolest face masks online to help you weather the coronavirus pandemic in style.

Star Wars Face Masks

Baby Yoda (and his Star Wars friends)

In our post-Mandalorian world, there’s no such thing as too much Baby Yoda. So why not put the cuddly Green One right on your face? Disney’s four-pack set of Star Wars Cloth Face Masks lets you choose between The Child and R2-D2, as well as a pair of cool logo masks that keep things on the light side of the Force (sorry, no Vader here). Disney debuted the masks to insane demand, and pegged its first $1 million in profits to a great cause: a cash donation to medical supply nonprofit MedShare to help get masks and other critical gear to areas where it’s needed most. We’re betting these will be a common sight on Main Street USA, once Disney’s U.S. theme parks start welcoming back the guests.

Get it: The shopDisney store

Mario Style Plumber Face Mask

Plumber Mask

We’re sure there are solid legal reasons why a certain princess-rescuing, fireball-tossing, mustachioed plumber isn’t mentioned in the description for this mask from Threadless. But bounce down the sidewalk in this and you’ll feel like collecting stars. Like Disney, Threadless is donating a portion of its mask proceeds to MedShare, with the goal of raising $500,000, so you can hop and bop like your favorite game mascot while doing your peachy part for charity.

Get it: Threadless

Arnold Schwarzenegger Face Mask

Arnold Schwarzenegger's 'We'll Be Back’ Mask

Sure, it’s a little light in the intense graphics department: No red-eyed Terminator grimace or liquid-metal shine. But hit the streets in the Governator’s “We’ll Be Back” mask, and no one will miss the message that you know your T-800 from your T-1000. Schwarzenegger is donating 100% of the net profits from sales of the mask to his After-School All-Stars (ASAS), the nonprofit he founded in 1992 to provide after-school programs to at-risk kids. It’s the total package, really: You can look Arnold-tough while showing your charitable chops — and you won’t even have to steal a motorcycle.

Get it: Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Official Store

Bane Style Face Mask

Bane Face Mask

Now things are getting heavy. We’re not suggesting you go out and menace society with evil schemes to bring down Gotham, but strap one of these on and you’ll definitely get noticed. There are tons of Bane masks out there, but this one from Etsy seller deesdesignsandart seems to strike a nice balance of actually looking worthy of Tom Hardy while packing in potentially useful features like a cloth-covered slot to house a PM 2.5 activated carbon filter. Just be ready for an awkward moment or two if you run into someone who chose good over evil and picked up a Batman mask instead.

Get it: deesdesignsandart on Etsy

Stranger Things Face Mask

Stranger Things Mask

Are you there, Will?! This one may take a second before the light bulb goes off, but that look of recognition once passersby get the Stranger Things reference on this mask makes it all worth it. Etsy seller FigueroaCustoms took inspiration from Joyce’s not-so-crazy attempt to contact Will from this side of the Upside Down, splashing a section of the wall code Joyce improvised from Christmas lights and painted alphabet letters. Simple and clever — but probably not recommended for use against Demogorgons.

Get it: FigueroaCustoms on Etsy

R PUR Black Face Mask

R-PUR Pro Nano One® Emission Mask

If you aren’t brand shopping and simply prefer to look like you’re meant to stroll the streets of an Altered Carbon-style future-dystopia, look no further than the Nano One® Emission Mask from R-PUR. Choose from four patterns (the “Hexagone” pattern in the photo keeps things nice and cyber-goth), and take confidence from R-PUR’s lifetime guarantee and high-tech filtration system. Demand has been strong, and the company is currently retooling to have more masks available in June, so save those pennies (this one’s not cheap) and be sure to check the website for availability.

Get it: R-PUR

Leather Face Mask

Leather Face Mask with Filter Pocket

One part Mad Max and one part Borderlands, this piece of post-apocalyptic gear from Etsy seller RudeLeatherCraft means business. No one will dare accuse you of wearing a baseball glove on your face as you ride out of Thunderdome in this all-leather mask that comes pre-loaded with a pair of polyester filters. We’re not sure which will give out first — your comfort, or the mask — but at least people will clear a path so you can get where you’re going faster.

Get it: RudeLeatherCraft on Etsy

Hulk and Marvel Face Masks

Marvel Cloth Face Masks

Okay, we’ll admit it: We’re just here for the Hulk. Mere mortals will be green with envy when they see how smashing you look in Disney’s official Marvel masks, which also pack in designs featuring Black Panther, an all-over Marvel logo, and a grid of Marvel characters and symbols. The same fundraising work Disney’s doing for MedShare also applies when you buy the Marvel mask pack, so shop with confidence — and don’t let anybody tell you you’re not the strongest Avenger.

Get it: The shopDisney store

Stormtrooper Face Mask

Star Wars Stormtrooper Neck Gaiter Face Mask

Sift through all the fan-made Star Wars masks and eventually you come across one that stands out. Etsy seller EmpireApparelDesigns gets the look just right with its neck gaiter Stormtrooper mask, which tucks down into your shirt collar to keep out Tatooine’s desert dust. The same seller also has other Star Wars designs (yes, Vader’s there too), so unlike Finn, you’re not limited to repping the lowest rung of front-line grunts on the Empire’s mighty military ladder. Just be sure to leave your blaster at home.

Get it: EmpireApparelDesigns on Etsy

The Flash Bandanna Mask

The Flash Logo Bandana

Slow down there, sparky! This officially-licensed facial bandanna sporting the logo of DC’s fast fan favorite won’t make you quicker, but it’ll definitely make you look bona fide. Sold via the SuperHeroStuff web store, The Flash is just one among dozens of on-brand DC logos you can choose from (there’s also Superman, Wonder Woman, a groovy retro Batman logo, and even the entire Justice League.) Bonus point: Because it’s a bandanna, this thing looks cool even when it’s not on your face. Take that, fashion bad guys!

Get it: SuperHeroStuff

While all of these masks do the basic job of covering your face and limiting the spread of exhaled particles — some with added protection from filters — they’re not intended to replace medical-grade gear intended for clinical use. If you feel you’re in need of something more than a simple face wrap, consult with your health care provider for recommendations. Stay safe out there!