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Sample ‘Bambi’s Mum’ on restaurant’s menu of Disney-inspired delicacies

By Benjamin Bullard
Bambi and mother via Disney website 2019

After you’ve kicked things off with a Spoonful of Sugar at chef Nelly Robinson’s Disney-inspired new menu, get ready to head straight into the heart of darkness: the “Bambi’s Mum” main course triggers a tragic, doe-eyed memory for that cut of venison that’s staring up from the plate and into your very soul.

Robinson’s “Once Upon a Time” menu of Disney-themed dishes takes guests on a mostly-delightful tour of the Mouse’s animated memories at Robinson’s haute nel. restaurant in Sydney, Australia. But it carves out an exception to make room for a slice of the morbid and horrifying, which admittedly do have deep and rich histories even in Disney’s earliest films.

That’s where “Bambi’s Mum” comes in. Not only do guests get what sounds (and looks) like a tastily-prepared morsel; they also get plenty of theater: Each serving comes with an actual shell casing, which doubles as a condiment container. 

Bambi Mum
pinocchio food 2019
The Aladdin themed cocktail at nel restaurant

“I think everyone cried when Bambi’s mum got shot…well, I know I did,” Robinson explained in announcing the menu. “…For the ‘Bambi’s Mum’ course, we make the most of the situation by cooking the venison slowly, rolling it in peppers and serving with beetroot and parsnip.” Hey, when life hands you lemons, right?

Elsewhere, the “Once Upon a Time” menu features happier movie shout-outs, including “Under the Sea” (crab, tomato, and seaweed), “Kiss the Tramp” (crunchy spaghetti with pork meatball), and “Telling Porky Pies” — a dish that “recreates a very memorable scene where a certain puppet tells lies and his wooden nose grows.”

If, by dinner’s end, you can’t bear the guilt of what you’ve done, at least you can drown your sorrows in an Aladdin-themed “Genie” cocktail or one of the menu’s other Disney-inspired drinks. After all, it wasn’t enough for you to sit by and simply watch Bambi’s mom take the fall. You just had to go and taste the moment for yourself, didn’t you?

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