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Barry finally faces Future Thawne in new pics from The Flash’s return

By Trent Moore
The Flash Future Thawne

Team Flash has spent the majority of this season dealing with the meta human serial killer Cicada, but there’s always been another baddie lingering in the (future) shadows. Now, Barry is finally coming face-to-face with him once again.

We found out several weeks ago that Barry and Iris’ future daughter Nora has secretly been working with a version of Eobard Thawne (aka Reverse Flash), though her intentions may very well be noble. All that came to a head in the most recent episode, when the team discovered Nora’s deception and Barry tossed her in a jail cell underneath STAR Labs until they can sort out the drama.

The Flash returns on Tuesday, April 16 with the new episode “Godspeed.” We got a peek at a short trailer for the episode a few weeks ago, and now The CW has dropped several new photos showing more of the action. Though most focus on Nora (Jessica Parker Kennedy) in her jail cell and star Danielle Panabaker making her directorial debut, there are a few shots spotlighting a face-off fans have been wanting to see again for years: Barry vs. Thawne.

The pics seem to show Barry at the future-prison where Thawne has been orchestrating events alongside Nora, and you know that will make for one heck of a conversation.

Check out the new pics below and give us your best theories:

The rivalry between Barry and Thawne dates back decades in the comics, and was the core conflict in the first season of The Flash. We’ve seen these two clash a few times since then, though typically due to time travel, time remnants, or other time-related shenanigans.

We still don’t know where this version of Thawne comes from in the timeline, or how he ended up in a future jail cell, so the final run of Season 5 still has plenty of questions left to answer.

The Flash is back Tuesday, April 16 on The CW.

The Flash | Godspeed Promo | The CW