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Batman Beyond returns to hunt Bruce Wayne's killer in exclusive look at 'Batman: Urban Legends' #7

By Matthew Jackson

Ever since his 1999 debut in the animated series Batman Beyond, Terry McGinnis has been a fan-favorite Gotham City hero, one of the Batman's potential futures that shined bright through an acclaimed run on television and dozens of issues of comics. Now, Terry's back for a new adventure — and he's hunting the person who killed his mentor.

Back in June, DC Comics announced that Batman: Urban Legends #7 would feature Terry's first major appearance since his own Batman Beyond comic ended last year, and that he would be taking on one of the most personal cases of his career as Neo-Gotham's resident cowled crimefighter. Today, we've got an exclusive preview of what you can expect.

Though Urban Legends #7 will feature several stories following different future Gotham heroes, including Batman One Million and Cassandra Cain, the centerpiece story is the Batman Beyond tale "Wake." Written by Jackson Lanzing and Collin Kelly and drawn by Max Dunbar with letters by Aditya Bidikar and colors by Sebastian Cheng, the story picks up as Terry discovers a dying Bruce Wayne on the floor of the Batcave.

To find out who dealt the killing blow to his legendary mentor, Terry must dive deep into Neo-Gotham's underworld, and he might find more than one mystery lurking along the way. In the exclusive pages below, you can see what happens as the story kicks off, and Bruce delivers his final words to the young man he entrusted with his mantle.

Check out the preview here:

First launched back in March, Batman: Urban Legends is an anthology series where some of DC's top talent can explore stories of various Gotham supporting characters and mother major players, including future adventures like Terry's. Using the series as the place to tell the story of Bruce Wayne's death in the Batman Beyond timeline is an intriguing move for the publisher, and who knows? It might even pave the way for bigger Terry McGinnis stories ahead.

Batman: Urban Legends #7 is on sale Tuesday.