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Batman Beyond: Terry McGinnis returns to figure out who killed Bruce Wayne in DC's new 'Urban Legends' comic

By Matthew Jackson
Batman Urban Legends 7 Batman Beyond cover

His last volume of comic book adventures may have come to an end last year, but any Batman Beyond fan knows you can't keep Terry McGinnis down for long. This fall, the fan-favorite Batman of the future will make a triumphant return to the pages of DC Comics for a story that plunges him into what might be the most important mystery of his career. 

As part of its solicitations for comics releasing this September, DC Comics revealed late last week that the seventh issue of Batman: Urban Legends will feature a lead story starring Terry McGinnis back in his role as Batman Beyond. The synopsis in the latest issue of DC Connect teased that the story will begin with the murder of Bruce Wayne, found dead in his own legendary Batcave.

With his mentor gone, Terry will have to "travel into the dark heart of Neo-Gotham to find who killed the greatest hero the city ever knew." The story is co-written by Jackson Lanzing and Collin Kelly, with art by Max Dunbar, letters by Aditya Bidikar, and colors by Sebastian Cheng. As part of his return to action, Terry will also feature on the main cover for the issue by Francesco Mattina, which you can check out below.

Batman Urban Legends 7 Batman Beyond cover

Launched in March, Urban Legends was conceived as an anthology series that would showcase Batman's supporting cast as major events in Gotham City unfolded around them, and as a result Terry will not be alone in issue #7. The issue serves as a showcase of several different possible Gotham futures, and will also feature stories starring a post-apocalyptic Dark Knight, Cassandra Cain in the world of Future State, and Batman One Million presiding over a super-prison in the 853rd century. 

After breaking out in the 1999 animated series, Batman Beyond has had a few different comic runs over the past two decades — and also played a key role in the 2014 DC event The New 52: Futures End. The most recent volume of Batman Beyond comics concluded in December 2020 with its 50th issue, closing the book on another chapter of Terry McGinnis' continued adventures, so his return in Urban Legends is welcome news for fans, even if it is a brief encounter. Of course, the size of this mystery, and the continued popularity of Batman Beyond, may mean this won't be the last we'll see of him...

Batman: Urban Legends #7 is in stores Sept. 14.