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SYFY WIRE Battlestar Galacticast

Battlestar Galacticast: Remembering Season 2, Episode 5: 'The Farm'

Battlestar Galactica 205 The Farm

Welcome back to Battlestar Galacticast ... time to talk Battlestar Galactica Season 2!

In this week's installment, Anders is back! Tricia Helfer and Marc Bernardin are once again joined by Michael Trucco as they revisit to Season 2, Episode 5: "The Farm," which is just chock full of all sorts of creepy dystopian sh**. Join them as they reminisce about their director Rod Hardy (aka the Australian Santa Claus) and his love of REALLY wide shots, watching sex scenes with their parents, and getting hit with a fire extinguisher (kinda for real). Also, hooray for the Arrow of Apollo!

Listen below!

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