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SYFY WIRE Battlestar Galactica

Battlestar Galacticast: Remembering Season 2, Episode 7: 'Home, Part 2'

Battlestar Galactica Home Part 2

Welcome back to Battlestar Galacticast ... time to talk Battlestar Galactica Season 2!

Comin' in hot and feelin' fine! It's rainy in L.A. and Tricia and Marc are feeling a little weird as they revisit Season 2, Episode 7: "Home, Part 2." Speaking of rain, shooting in Vancouver always tends to be a little moist and nude scenes tend to be a little chilly. Also, what does it sound like when you're suddenly transported to the other side of the universe? Just how tomb-y is the Tomb of Athena? Oh, and you haven't lived until you've heard Marc act out how a golf clap evolves into thunderous applause, step by step. Wake up and smell the psychosis. James Remar Forever.

Listen below!

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