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SYFY WIRE Batwoman

Batwoman unveils its new hero, fallout of Kate's disappearance in Season 2 trailer

By Jacob Oller
The CW Batwoman First Look 1

Batwoman fans, it seems like an eternity since Ruby Rose shocked the world with the news that she'd be dropping out of the lead role of The CW series. Kate Kane is out, Ryan Wilder is in. And now fans can actually see new star Javicia Leslie in action as the star of the show thanks to the first trailer for Season 2.

Taking over not only as Batwoman, but as a new character entirely, Leslie has already wowed fans with images of her new costume (that she won't actually be getting until Episode 3, as she tries on Kane's cowl for a few episodes first). Now fans get to see Ryan as promised in the character description: a Black, out lesbian whose "goofy and untamed" personality should offer plenty of difference to Rose's Kane.

Take a look at the first trailer:

Batwoman | Season 2 Episode 1 | Twinkle Twinkle Promo | The CW

Ryan will be up against a scary new foe that should be familiar to any fan of Gotham-set comics: Victor Zsasz. The killer (played by Alex Morf as a hitman) looks to be one of Batwoman's bigger threats in this second season, though we don't see much of him in this first look.

Other newcomers to the season include Shivaani Ghai, who will play Coryana ruler Safiyah - a secretive leader with "as many enemies as aliases" - Leah Gibson, who will play one of her assassins, Tatiana, and Nathan Owens, who is a "gardener and thinker" who moves to Gotham for a fresh start. A colorful cast of characters to be sure. It's probably pretty safe to say that guy isn't just a gardener.

Batwoman returns to The CW on January 17, 2021.