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WonderCon 2021: Batwoman panel weighs in on Black Mask, Bat boots, and the rest of Season 2

By Vanessa Armstrong
Batwoman Season 2

The cast of The CW’s Batwoman know their Bat trivia! In the show’s WonderCon panel today,’s staff editor Keisha Hatchett quizzed series stars Javicia Leslie (“Ryan Wilder/Batwoman”), Rachel Skarsten (“Alice”), Meagan Tandy (“Sophie Moore”), Nicole Kang (“Mary Hamilton”), Camrus Johnson (“Luke Fox”), and executive producer/showrunner Caroline Dries on different facts about the show — from props, to costumes, to the Batmobile itself.

The panel was more than just fun and games though; the cast also talked about what might be in store for the rest of Season 2, including the introduction of Black Mask (Peter Outerbridge), the new big bad for the Bat team to deal with.

Check out the full panel here:

“We teased Black Mask early on in the season and then we slowly revealed that he's the one who’s in charge of the False Face Society, who’s been peddling and manufacturing this super-lethal drug called Snake Bite,” Dries shared during the panel. “Ryan’s affiliation with False Face is that Angelique is now helping manufacture and sell this drug, and it puts Batwoman in a precarious position because here is her friend…and here’s the villain of Gotham, and how does she ease her friend out of this horrific situation.”

Leslie also had some hints as to what we might find out about Black Mask. “There’s a history to the suit and mask,” she shared. “I look forward to seeing what that’s about as we get our episodes [for the rest of Season 2].”

In addition to Black Mask talk and general Bat trivia, the WonderCon panel also had two mini-interviews: one with costume designer Maya Mani, and one with transportation coordinator Blake Zickefoose.

Mani, who has created almost 100 costumes in The CW’s Arrowverse, shared her process for making Ryan Wilder’s suit, including how Batwoman’s boots pay homage to Adam West’s Batman.

On the Batmobile front, Zickefoose shared that there are actually two identical cars for the Caped Crusader, and that each one can go from 0 to 60 mph in 3 seconds. Not too bad for a Batmobile, and much better wheels than Ryan Wilder’s initial ride at the beginning of Season 2.

Batwoman airs Sundays at 8/7c on The CW.