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Batwoman’s disappearance will be S2 mystery, showrunner says no plans to 'bury' Kate Kane

By Trent Moore
Batwoman episode 4 Kate Kane

The CW’s newest superhero series Batwoman is undergoing a major shake-up as it heads toward its second season, following the abrupt exit of star Ruby Rose. But just because there will be someone new under the cowl, that doesn’t mean Rose’s Kate Kane will have to die for someone new to take up her mantle.

Showrunner Caroline Dries took to Twitter to clarify some misinformation and assumptions surrounding the change, which will find a new character code-named “Ryan Wilder” taking up the title of Batwoman when the show returns. Rose made a mutual split from the series a few weeks ago, and the creative team announced plans to introduce a new character to be the new Batwoman, as opposed to recasting for a new Kate Kane.

Many took that to mean Kate might be killed off, possibly even off-screen, to make way for a new hero in Season 2. But Dries says fans have nothing to worry about when it comes to Kate’s fate. She said she’s well aware of the “Bury Your Gays” trope, a sadly common narrative tool where gay characters are sometimes killed as story fodder, and said she has no plans to do that to Kate. So fans can rest easy — Kate Kane will be missing, not presumed dead, when the show returns.

She teased Kate’s absence will actually be a key story point in Season 2, working her disappearance into the fabric of the story they’re telling when the show resumes. Which makes sense — replacing the linchpin of your show is no easy feat. Kate’s absence isn’t something they’ll be able to easily brush aside, since it is her show, so making that story central to where the show is heading could be a wise move to deal with Rose’s exit.

Batwoman is scheduled to return in early 2021 with new episodes, and casting is underway to find Rose’s replacement to lead the series.