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Behind the Panel Episode 4: The Story of Vertigo Comics (Part 4 of 4)

By Mike Avila
Fables Vertigo Comics

Welcome back to SYFY WIRE's new podcast, Behind the Panel, hosted by Mike Avila.

Our new series continues with the fourth and final chapter in our four-part history of Vertigo Comics, the imprint that expanded the appetites of comic book fans into genres such as horror, fantasy, and crime drama.

Vertigo was firing on all cylinders as it entered the 21st century, with popular series like Fables, DMZ and Sweet Tooth capturing readers' imaginations. More hits were on the horizon, but so were the warning signs that trouble was fast approaching. Featuring interviews with Karen Berger, Pia Guerra, Mark Buckingham, Jeff Lemire, Brian Wood, Andy Diggle.

Listen below!

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Behind the Panel's theme song is "Failsafe" by Cellarscape.